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Get Linux System Information

Get Linux System Information

To check information about the multiple hardware units like CPU, memory, USB controller, disk, etc. of Linux system. Hence view system information about your Linux environment.

df -T -h List file system disk space usage
fdisk -l List partition tables
free -mcat /proc/meminfo

free -mt

free -gt

Display RAM and Swap usage
top To see used and free memory and CPU usage
uname Without any options returns the kernel name

uname -a General all system information

uname -r Get the Linux Kernel Release information

uname -v or cat /proc/version Get the Linux Kernel Version

uname -n Get Network Node Hostname


uname –nodename

uname –m Provide Machine Hardware Architecture information
uname -p Display Processor Type
uname -i Provide hardware platform information
uname -o Operating System Information

lsb_release -acat /etc/*release* Provide information about the Linux distribution and version
lshw The command runs as a superuser and provides hardware Information with like memory, CPU, disks, of a system

lshw -short To view the summary of detailed hardware profile

lshw -short -C memory Find RAM speed and max supported by the server
sudo lshw -html > [filename.html] To print your hardware profile to an HTML file as a super user
lscpuless /proc/cpuinfo Display CPU Information from the files sysfs and /proc/cpuinfo
lsblk Display Block Device Information about all the primary storage devices connected such as hard drive, its partitions, and the flash drives

lsblk -a To view detailed information about all the devices

lsusb Display USB Device Information of all the USB controllers and the devices connected
lsusb -v to view much detailed information about each USB device
lspci Information About PCI devices
lsscsi Information About SCSI devices
hdparm [devicelocation] The command gives you information about SATA devices like hard disks
demicode sudo dmidecode -t bios display information about the bios

sudo dmidecode -t memory

display information about the memory

sudo dmidecode -t processor displays information about the process

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