The Minister, Wilfredo Vidal, recollected that the policy of computerization in society is part of the protocols ratified at the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. The same objective is also mentioned in the strategic segments of the nation and endorsed by the Council of Ministers on February 2017 in the inclusive policy to carry out the project. There are more than 7 million of the population that presently connected to the digital televisions on the island, and over one million of such boxes have indeed been sold.

Computerization merely is shifting towards the installation of computers for tasks that were previously completed differently. To computerize something is no different than making it electronic.
In allusion to the current work of the digitalization of public registries, the government is taking all due measures to take a step forward towards computerization of the Cuban society. These are supervised by the Justice Minister in the development stage and whose key aim shall be, like others in aiding population management.

The articles 68 and 69 of the new Decree-Law 370 of 2018 for the computerization of Cuban society, came into action last year as the law was introduced. The injunction was seemingly approved by the State Council without going through the National Assembly, which indicates as an infringement hosting a site on servers based in an abroad country, keeping aside the servers that are replicas to the main site servers located in the national territory.

It was Assured that the computerization of Cuban society should contribute more, and more efficiently, to the country's economic advancement, and henceforth, improving the population's quality of life, which is the prime obstacle the Ministry of Communications was facing. The Cuban government exhibited distinctive weight on quality as a principle for everything they do in the course of computerization. One of the major difficulties in accomplishing sustainability in services, economic growth and the development of new applications of their kind. The telecommunications sector is crucial for the country, and in the coming future, it shall turn out to be even more so.

Author: Rishika Chhabra