Pre-sales and after-sales support bring the hosting provider an edge over its competitors. Soft skills are much needed to understand the customer's needs, requirements, issues, or problems. The hosting companies try to bring their customers in touch to let them know about the latest technology upgrades, updates, information, and news essential and related to their business websites. Maintaining a good relationship with customers also lets the hosting providers know about the new customer requirements and what's important to them concerning their business, thus aligning the hosting services accordingly.

The hosting business is B2B subscription-based; thus, the providers must know what values customer – support, hosting plan price, resources, uptime, or discounts. Most hosting customers hosting gives minor importance to cost compared to other values, but still considered an essential factor in this highly competitive hosting market.

The hosting company always looks to increase brand awareness, sales, & customer retention while addressing the challenges of growing human resource cost, reducing the cost per lead & cost per acquisition. Every business likes to increase its profits, customers, and brand value. Hence, it articulates its digital marketing program with proper planning, strategy, and business objectives.