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In today’s corresponding world, most of the people are pursuing a career like a digital nomad. That is why internet speed is a necessary factor for one to reach their destination. Generally, the countries with the fastest Internet in the world are likely to be smaller and more developed. The larger and less advanced a nation is, the slower the Internet will likely be.

Well, with the increase in the development in the technical sector, fiber internet has proved itself worthy because of its high speed. The work that employees would spend several hours researching is more accessible with the high-quality Internet. Even a few seconds, delay in loading web page decrease productivity. According to Small Business Trends, a slow internet can add up over time to a loss of thousands of dollars.

The introduction of fiber internet has led us our way towards a better and secure connection with the digital world. In traditional types of Internet, the farther you are from the switch, the more the signal but with fiber internet, signals stay active even with increased distance. No matter how much the bigger the workspace gets, one would always be connected with a quicker internet supply, and one doesn’t have to compromise the competitive business. Security also is one of the major concerns in every type of business. With fiber internet, one can monitor your surveillance and security systems from virtually anywhere at any time. A fast internet circuit also protects against cybercrime since the only way to penetrate the system is to cut the fibers literally.

While there are several advantages on the buffet of the served Internet, there are many threats that can hamper a person or their businesses. Anyone who has spent time on the Internet has encountered trolls or abusive people. Another issue that has increased over the years is cyberbullying. To connect digitally, people share information on the Internet, giving the stalkers an easy time finding and misusing personal information. Pornographic and violent images are generally displayed by the criminals that might conduct such actions without the fear of being caught as there are hidden places like the deep web. The Internet enables people to work in a hundred ways; one should know how to save oneself from hazardous activities.

Author: Rishika Chhabra

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