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Review Vade Secure

Vade Secure is the global leader in identifying anti-phishing, spear phishing, malware and ransomware with heuristic filtering. Language independent, the filter analyzes globally all incoming emails (links, attached files, content…) to detect all threats in zero-day, even the most targeted attacks. After eliminating all threats, Vade Secure removes the nuisance of low priority emails with Graymail Management. Ads, social network notifications, and newsletters are automatically sent to a graymail folder while a Safe Unsubscribe button eliminates them forever.

Vade Secure's solutions are used by major ISPs, OEMs, and Enterprises worldwide, protecting more than 300 million mailboxes in 76 countries. Vade Secure is implanted in 5 countries (USA, Canada, France, Hong Kong and Japan) to offer 24/7 support.

Vade Secure analyzes incoming email to filter out spam, scam messages, phishing attempts, viruses, and Trojan horses from customer inboxes. It instantly classifies graymail (newsletters, commercial email, and social network notifications) for easy filtering.

Vade Secure integrates directly with traditional email clients and with atmail's web-based offering, ensuring a consistent, clean inbox experience across platforms.

Protection against Ransomware

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