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Best Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is an ideal first web hosting package for beginners as it offers the resources that a startup or a personal website will need. It supplies cost-effective, fully-featured professional websites to customers. It provides quality service with cost cutting by exploiting the benefit of storing multiple website and content on one physical machine

Even though VPS provides clients with plenty of authority and absolute charge of own machine, its add-ons come at a premium price. Shared hosting is best for those who are on the look-out for professional web apps with low costs.

In shared hosting, a server is shared with other customers. Each receives a specific amount of space, processing power and bandwidth. Server admin keeps a tab on the working order of server, its operating system and related software update.

Is Shared Hosting the Right Choice?

In the beginning, it is difficult to predict the amount of space required for the website. Traffic is generated through marketing campaigns. Shared hosting is ideal for such situations. By sharing a server with other sites, few resources are required and a server is not loaded with hosting.


Without burning a gaping hole in one’s pocket, shared hosting costs less than $ 100 per year. Once it is assured that there is no overselling, there is no risk in going for ‘unlimited’ hosting.


Shared hosting is ideal for:

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