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WordPress – Customized alternative better for bloggers

Why Users are looking for alternative to WordPress?

People are using WordPress to create their own web sites and their own WordPress blogs from last several years and in the past they are very happy with its performance but now the time has changed they are not very much satisfied with it as earlier they were, because now they are disappointed as they are getting the news that it is not adequate and bloggers are always required to update their system which is a time consuming task.
WordPress is extremely susceptible or we can say that it is physically or psychologically week as it is susceptible to cyber attacks. The people who have created websites and blogs with the help of WordPress can become the victim of hackers who can hack their sites any time. There is another limitation of WordPress that is, bloggers and webmasters need to constantly keep updating their sites. They are also required to use a variety of tools to keep the design of their websites up-to-date and in this process they are spending huge money.
There is another issue which is facing by WordPress users that it leads to issues with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site. Here bloggers can face a lot of web traffic if there is any issue with SEO of the site. Thus, without hassle we can say that bloggers look for alternatives to WordPress these days.

What is the alternative available which users prefer to WordPress?

But now these users are happy because there is an alternative available to WordPress which has been developed by The Agora Group. This can be said that this is another system which is used to manage the content like WordPress, has been created by Agora which also provide better frond end and back end service and it is very user friendly also.
Agora publishing has a website i.e. which is designed for non-for-profit outlet and it worked and removed one limitation of WordPress which most of its users have to face while using it i.e. bloggers are always required to update their system which is a time consuming task. The group offers a reliable alternative to WordPress and this alternative is liked by many of the bloggers.
On the basis of the need of the people and millions of users, provides an alternative to WordPress-system designed to manage the content and their system has been designed in such a way that it meets the needs of online newspapers and other websites or blogs. And now the same system has been offered by the Agora group to bloggers, online newspaper owners and webmasters who are looking for an alternative to WordPress.
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