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Good Web Hosting

There are few points while selecting a good web host:

Services – A lot of times we are sold on the idea that bigger is better. Web hosting companies with a quality over quantity perspective. A lot of web hosting companies will oversell their and rely on the little sites that won't reach their limits to keep things running. A host that is going to meet your sites current needs and that also allows room for growth.

Prices – Getting more than you pay for isn't normally a good thing, as chances are you aren't with a top quality host as they recognize that to keep things running they need to charge more. Another way in which Web Hosting companies will often cut costs is in their Customer Service. Most hosting companies online are simply reseller services, and can have terrible response times and customer support, as they are over extended or simply don't care.

Customer Service – Hosts that provide 24/7 email support. Email is the most common although a lot of hosts will also offer live chat, and some even phone support. Quality hosts will be consistent and timely with their support.

Web hosting can be a pleasant experience or it can be a nightmare. Take your time and test out a company before you join. A little time now, will save you a lot of time/energy/money down the road!

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