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Industry compliance standards For Web Hosting Canada

Web Hosting Canada

Linux web hosting is widely acclaimed hosting in Canada, having data centers and servers situated in Canada. This web hosting is designed to upgrade the uptime of emails and website. It provides the benefits of each and every customer which makes them more reliable server without any investment in costly hardware. This hosting provides more options, resources, and big cloud servers. The storage options are more flexible which include VMware vSAN or SAN distributed storage. Free domain facility is there for some annual plan. The overall hosting plan involves data center of highest reliability.

Why Web hosting Canada is famous

Canadian hosting gives the best performance in terms of storage which is RAID 10 SSD storage. Automatic backup and 100% network uptime facility is also available. The other features are 99.95% uptime, unlimited traffic, fast and reliable server and 5 email accounts. An elastic host provides flexible, cost-effective cloud services with performance and scalability. The virtualization feature provides automatic backup, complete isolation, automatic resource auto-scaling and privacy. The overall hosting plans consist of full UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) which is an industrial-grade component. The domain registration is provided by this web hosting. Highly skilled professionals give assistance to the user delivering excellent quality of values and standards.

How to select Web Canada Hosting

Dedicated server solutions are provided with different options for multi-core hardware. The hosting platform delivers good quality of infrastructure for its web presence. The features involved are technical support of great level, 99.99% uptime SLA policy and networking technology. The benefit of a client from high-priced infrastructure with enterprise-level networking technology access at a price so that all levels of organizations can afford. The hosting plans deliver many other features such as unlimited bandwidth, CPU cores, fully managed w/cPanel and SSD disk space. It has optimized security, advanced firewall configuration, mail queue monitoring, PCI Complaint setup, secure anti-spam configuration and having HTTP monitoring support.

Use of Application

In this hosting, Litespeed technology makes server faster than any other. Additionally, the tools used are website stats, easy one-click application installation, and SEO. The advanced features are also involved like Redirect URL, MySQL, Php 5, GD Library, Apache Handlers, Free Module Installation, Traffic Builder, page counters, SSL Certificate, 1-click setup and IP Deny Manager. To purchase a package of website hosting, a user gets his own space on a server. This application has storage of website on their servers, and a unique DNS is assigned to a server.


This Linux plan includes cPanel, Cage FS, Resources On-Demand, free applications, DNS Management, Direct Database Access, disk space, FTP users and Cloud Linux. The use of one-click app installation is Joomla and Drupal. There are 125+ apps which are available with this hosting. These are the main CMS provided by this hosting. It provides high-level security which protects a website from any harmful effect like DDoS attacks and thwarts activity. A user will get a domain on which he can upload his content. This domain address is necessary so that clients can view the website properly.

CASL Industry compliance standards

An Act to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating certain activities that discourage reliance on electronic means of carrying out commercial activities, and to amend the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, the Competition Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Telecommunications Act, SC 2010, c 23, and its associated regulations.

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL)

Section 6 to 8: Prohibit sending commercial electronic messages that fail to comply with specific form and consent requirements, altering transmission data in an electronic message without consent and installing computer programs without permission.

Section 9: Prohibits any person from “aiding or inducing” others to engage in conduct that violates these provisions. It requires intermediaries and other suppliers of products or services to ensure that their clients do not engage in improper conduct, failing which they may be held liable. The violations of section 9 are subject to the same administrative penalties as violations of sections 6 to 8. It is applied to a wide range of individuals and organizations “facilitating commercial activity, by electronic means, by providing enabling services, technical or otherwise,” as well as to “those who receive direct or indirect financial benefit from a violation of sections 6 to 8 of CASL.

A well-documented “reasonable steps” to prevent, detect and remediate potentially offending conduct engaged in by third-party clients would be required, including

Violations Include

10-principle Digital Charter


Linux hosting Canada delivers many necessary things like easy resource upgrades, security monitoring and dashboard robust in nature. There is a website backup that restores all data and files related to sites. The customer will be attracted towards the website made by the user. The control panel is flexible and easy to use. Hence, this hosting is more beneficial as having various features.

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