What are Hits on web?

When you want to search anything on the internet, you type the text in the space given near search button and you will see so many links or web pages are available on the screen, as per your need and you open them to view the information, given inside of them. In other words, we can say when you send one file request from your computer (client) to the Web server, then web server will send you or make you available that particular web page, java script, image, cascading style sheet as a file. This process of sending 1 file request and receiving of web page as a file is termed as 1 Hit. But now days, it is seen that when you request one page, in return server will send you bunch of pages, which is knows as Multiple Hits, but each page is counted as a separate hit. Anyone who visits the website may see or generate hundreds of hits, at his or her one visit only.

How to track hits on website?

There are several ways available, by which you may track hits on your website. Alexa, Compete ranking, Google Live Page Rank, Google analytics are the popular websites, which allows you to track hits and track information in very detail from your websites, as they are having their own top and rating system and provide you with statistics based on rank, speed, in-links. Quarkbase helps you to gather all the information about the website. It is a tool which is made up of 30 data sources and algorithms, which collect information from the web on different types of topics. Quantcast is the informative website, which collect powerful statistics, in order to make clarity about the audience to the web publishers. Statsaholic site offers you with simple and fast statistics and it also allow fellows to offer data and graphs. PopUri.us is a website, which provides you with, compete, quantcast rank, Google page-rank, Alexa technorati links, yahoo back-links and more. Website grader is basically meant to measure the website’s marketing effectiveness. It is a free SEO tool which offers you the score to incorporates things like website traffic, few technical factors such as SEO, social popularity etc. Buy Sell Ads site is not related to the collection of information related to statistics. It allows you to click on advertise here button and view the results with Google pagerank, delicious bookmarks, alexa, compete rank.

What are the common tools for it?

There are so many tools, to track hits on the website. Awstats is a good tool to check bandwidth thieves and if anyone is hotlinking files from your site. eLogic offers you service at three levels, one is stats counter, second is webstats BASIC, third one is Webstats PRO. They offer you as per your need. ShinyStat mainly check the visitors who visit to Italian websites, but now it is available to all the sites, worldwide and provides packages for individuals, professionals and business owners. Google analytics allows you to view your statistics in detail so that you may view the breakup of each region, cities, states, leads to identify your site visitors in better way. Other tools are also available such as Sitemeter, Statcounter,W3Counter, W3Perl, Webalizer,Woopra etc.

What are the benefits of tracking hits?

There are several benefits of tracking hits on the website such as through this you may check the performance or effectiveness of your efforts, applied in the marketing. What user likes about your site and what not, also known to you. It also helps you to know your customers. If there is any defect in your website and also the source of traffic and reason behind that. The most important advantage which you get here is that you may know the visitors of your website, how people search for your site or how they get there, how much time they spend there, how many people visit your site daily, which web pages are mostly seen by the visitors. It also helps to earn revenue by giving statistical information to the advertisers and many more.