Key Selling Points

  • US hosting services provider
  • A subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation who bought Hostopia in 2008.
  • The company registered with ASIC in February 2017.

Headquarters: US

Parent Company: Deluxe Corporation

Services Offered

  • Technology, infrastructure
  • Website hosting
  • Support services
  • Application creation and maintenance
  • E-commerce application services
  • Website promotion applications
  • Managed email with virus and spam protection
  • Customer communication

Other Services Offered: personalized printed products including logo design, web services, and search engine marketing for small business.

Target Customers: Financial institutions and small business

communication services providers, including telecommunication carriers, cable companies, Internet service providers, domain registrars, and Web hosting service providers

What for Customers?

  • Fast, reliable and secure hosting services
  • 100% uptime


  • (September 27, 2017) Acquired Australian hosting business, CloudRecover from j2 Global
  • (August 2017) Acquired Australian hosting provider Digital Pacific for $52 million
  • Acquired Melbourne hosting provider Panthur, established in 2009 provides domain names, web hosting and security services for websites.