A hosting business has coordinated activities and actions intended to thrive and increase profit. Its digital marketing campaign like emails or social media boosting directs the traffic to landing pages that offer the best features for the niche targeted audience. They may be a resource or product page or a separate page designed explicitly with banners, contact links, and menu items. The landing pages have a single goal that supports business goals, increases conversions & customer acquisition, or customer retention. Furthermore, it generates data & insights, improves paid searches, grows an email list, increases credibility, enhances brand awareness, and more.

The page has Call-To-Action (CTA) & has a proven structure entirely focussed on conversion asking the visitors to click on a link to buy products or services. A hosting company runs various digital campaigns like PCC, advertisements, or affiliates which asks the traffic driven to a landing page. The page has clear, relevant & concise content, proper headline, conversion goal, direct value proposition, impulsive CTA, Google Analytics to track conversions. All the asset's visibility is ensured for the success of the campaign.

All the campaigns need proper monitoring & tracking to determine their performance. Several digital campaigns have a short life span, but most run for several years. The landing page is an integral part of such campaigns; hence they are optimized to achieve the best results. They exist through the entire campaign life-cycle and even after that, for after-events, other steps, and parts.