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Green Website Hosting

Green Website HostingHosting websites on servers powered by renewal energy like wind, and solar energy. Due to the world population’s ever-growing concern for the consumer’s impact on the environment, the array and demand of “green” products and services are on the rise; the web hosting industry is no exception. In order to do their part, an increasing amount of web hosts are recycling and reducing their energy consumption. It is a good thing to host your site with a green web hosting company. When you do this, you will be helping to save our environment from the global warming. As such, I will be sincere in the green web hosting company I will reveal to you.

The way that you can actually go greener is by using our technology much more efficiently and really this is something that we should be all looking for as a long-term solution really but there are many companies that will be offering renewable power coming into their web hosts instead of using completely new energy costing us more in many ways. This, however, may cost a lot more because you are being greener which a lot of people think it's a gateway to making things much more expensive also. This renewable energy, however, is what is making everyone want to go with one of these web hosts that offer greener web hosting.

There are several benefits enjoyed by people everywhere due to web hosts who our renewable energy. First, these companies are helping to save Earth by reducing their carbon “footprint.” Also, web hosting companies are afforded the opportunity to purchase offsets, which allows them to lower their greenhouse emissions. In addition, many green web hosts give non-profit organizations exclusive host package offers in order to not only entice other companies to use them for their web hosting needs, but also encourage their customers to embrace renewable energy as well as a sans-paper working environment. There are even some environmentally-friendly hosts who offer their services to businesses who allow their employees to telecommute.

One of the biggest questions on web hosting consumers’ minds is the overall cost of going with a green web host. This is not an uncommon question as a cost is a considerable factor in any business owner’s budgeting decisions. Even though these types of web hosts have a slightly higher day-to-day running cost when compared with traditional hosts, many customers like the idea of using a company who makes a beneficial mark on the planet.

Green Website Hosting Companies

  • Capgemini Merlin Data Center powered by renewable energy and constructed on a brownfield site with 95% recyclable materials.


  • Being environmentally friendly is a growing business imperative
  • Reduce carbon-footprint
  • Go paperless using user-friendly cloud-based storage systems
  • Use LED light bulbs which last longer and consume less power.
  • Use recycling renewable energy

Latest News – Green Website Hosting

  • (Aug 08, 2018) Make Hay a Nottingham-based ethical web designer created Green’s Mill and Science Centre website to boost its online presence. Further hosted it on the wind-powered server of Green Hosting, UK. For an entire year, the green website hosting is powered 100% by renewable energy by a grid.
    Green’s Mill and Science Centre is Nottingham’s oldest wind-powered operations built in 1807.
    Hosting websites on servers powered by renewal energy like wind, and solar energy shows environment-friendly approach to reduce the carbon footprints. Many companies switched their website on Green hosting a way to increase their corporate social responsibility and improving their sustainability credentials. The Green Hosting clients include SME's, retailers, charities, social enterprises, community, groups, and bloggers.