As we all know, data is stored in files. Different categories of information stored in various files. Before using the internet, we used the physical files for keeping the papers and relevant documents. However, these days as the internet is becoming quite popular and people are using the same for various purposes, so why not for storing the data online.
Yes, Online Storage of information or files is a common task these days and is performing by most of the business organizations and even individuals.

It leads to few questions..Whether files storing online are safe and secure, are they totally protected from malware or unauthorized users, are they safe to open or download to users computer and others.
As security and reliability are most important aspects and when files having important data is storing online, it becomes more important, as the internet is highly insecure and unsafe.

So, in order to store the files safely online, it is necessary that they hosted in a safe and secure way and here secure file hosting plays a vital role.

What is File Hosting

A file hosting service or online file storage is a web hosting service dedicated to hosting the files of the user. By this, files are uploaded by the permitted users so that they can become accessible over the web from any networking device like a personal computer, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or others. It can be done either by the same user or through any other one after putting a password or any other authentication as required.

Secure File Hosting Features

·1 Storage & Backup of information

Personal information such as name, address, contact no. and financial information such as credit card no. , bank account no. moreover, other important details are stored securely and privately. Backup of such data is also ensured in private and highly secure environment.

·2 Data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime

After data is hosted securely, a user can access same from their iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Without considering the location, whether a user is at his home, office or traveling somewhere he never leaves the touch with his relevant downloading of important or desired apps meant for smartphones, iPhone, iPad or Android.

·3 File Transfer Securely

Files without considering their size can be easily transferred from one source to other. A user can even send the huge files till size of 2 GB to any of their friends, relatives, family members. Downloading of files takes place in a highly safe and secure environment.

·4 Backup & Sync of Data

Proper backup of data keeps the data in sync across all the devices. It permits images, documents, files or others back-up securely and allowed to retrieve the same in just a few seconds, in a very less span of time.

·5 Inheritance of Data

Inheritance of data allows access to important info by users family members or business partners. Confidential data such as Login id, Passwords, Pin no. is secure and important, thus, its need can arise at any time. Moreover, if a user is not there, particularly in the time of emergencies, their family or partners are able to access the same. This function can be activated directly.

How Secure File Hosting

Secure file hosting is very crucial for the safety of data as it is highly informative and sometimes confidential and if it is accessed by an unauthorized user or authorities, it leads to disruption of data for their personal lives or others.
In hosting files securely, SafeSecure, one of the organizations engaged in the same plays a vital role. See how.

·1 Optimal Protection to Data

Information or data contained by a file is very important, and thus, it is treated as an asset to the concerned. If it is an asset, its privacy and security both are under threat from various unauthorized users like hackers or authorities like government, competitors, rivals and natural disasters like flood, earthquakes or fire. So, it is necessary that data always get protection at all the times and when files are securely hosted they ensure this.

·2 Guaranteed Privacy protection

As privacy is much required for confidential information, so SecureSafe, a leading organization ensure this by offering high-level of privacy for data. It offers globally recognized methods of data encryption which allows access to data on which encryption methods are applied by you only, even company's staff members are not permitted to access the same.

·3 Customer Oriented Encryption

SecureSafe offers optimal protection to data by providing maximum security through customer specific encryption. It allows to encrypt all the images or documents individually. Encryption methods which are globally recognized, with redundant storage of data and powerful user authentication, are employed for ensuring the data security.