About Company

USP: A user-driven managed cloud hosting platform

Founder and CEO: Atiq Uz Zama

Headquarter: US

Services Offered

  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-service): users to create & deploy scalable, reliable, and highly available cloud servers.

Hosting Features

  • convenient & straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing model. The end-user is only charged based on the server usage on an hourly basis at the end of the month without any additional charges.
  • one-click feature: users can automatically install, configure and optimize different TECH Stacks for web application deployment and multiple additional services like MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, etc., in a server as per their unique set of requirements.
  • host unlimited applications on one server
  • simultaneously use different PHP versions for other applications on the same server
  • The users can install additional services, choose preferred server-level caching services
  • unlimited databases
  • unlimited domain names in one application
  • a free SSL certificate for every domain name added to users' web applications

What for Customers?

  • A free trial of 6 days for every new user
  • engineered with the industry's leading technologies
  • unrivaled security
  • performance
  • takes away hosting complexities, so customers remain focused on growing their businesses.
  • Freedom & Flexibility: It enables the users to sculpt web hosting environment specifications best suited for their web applications. The provider empowers the users by providing the freedom to use the technology without limitations.
  • advanced & revolutionizing hosting features
  • The platform is engineered for keeping adaptation and quick integrations of future technologies.
  • fluid integration with a button click
  • Flexible, scalable
  • The auto-suggest feature of the platform is beneficial for non-technical users to create and manage the server and host their websites in a few clicks.

Target Customers: The hosting solutions are ideal for scaling eCommerce businesses and digital agencies the varying technological requirements
Support: 24×7 technical chat support, ticket assistance, and one free website migration per server.