Minecraft is an online game program software in which multiplayer has permission to access different item collection, and also, it allows user for developing items according to their will. In Minecraft server hosting you can play on your own server just by installing the software and can invite your friends for more fun. Server hosting allows users to configure and customize settings according to the requirement. In this game, multiplayer or team of players try to kill or defend other players in the given time slots.

Every game depends on time slots, so it is. Anyone of the team has to kill another team for winning the game in given slots. The graphics of this game is very interesting and has virtual feeling thus online gamers now preferring online gaming more. Your imagination changed into reality with these types of gaming. Minecraft hosting is best for online gaming as you have the freedom to do anything on the website. Hosting Minecraft Server with Hamachi program offers you and your friend’s full access of information on the site.

Install Hamachi Application Program

Hamachi is a virtual private network system that is very easy to set up and install as it does not require many steps for installing. To install it you need to log in and select hamachi from website menu and download it. With this, you can connect as many friends as you want.

The installer takes some time in downloading the hamachi. When the download completes you can open “LogMeIn hamachi” client and then you can create your own private network by entering the name of your computer, and you then connect to hamachi. The same procedure will be applied to your friends for connecting with hamachi network.

Connect to Minecraft server

You need to log-in to the Minecraft server for connection and then you need to enter the IP address of your hamachi server which directs you to the game. After your connection, you can invite your friends for playing, and they will have to go through the same procedure. Once you and your friends are connected, you can enjoy and can do whatever you want to do.

Benefits of Minecraft server

On the server, only those people can play and make changes that have access permission. Every hamachi client assigned unique IP address for logging in for the first time. Hamachi is basically a VPN application used for establishing direct link connection over the internet. Thus having hamachi application with Minecraft server is a cherry on the cake as you get a lot of benefits such as you can increase computer network bandwidth for settling high traffic when required and remove it when not necessary.

In the same way, you can expand RAM space, hard disk space for more files. The server kept your data safe and protected and only permitted users can access those files. You are playing on the server thus; you can easily identify the server by IP address, therefore, no problem occurs in terms of server redundancy. These are some of the benefits which give full freedom to use Minecraft server.