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Website Health

Website Health

Check technical, SEO problems and other shortcomings and develop a specific, time-phased, and measurable corrective action plan. Knowing the site's health status is crucial for web admin, and if no issues are detected, it gives immense satisfaction, and you see a positive effect on your site's performance.

Updates & Upgrades: The website must be running on the latest OS and application. Implementing regular updates & patches keeps the website running on the latest software versions. The website must run on a minimum recommended version for increased performance and security. The SQL server stores all site's content and settings.

Install Recommended & Required Modules: They perform most of the tasks that make the website run. 

Valid timezone: Necessary for correct calculations of dates and times.

Supported Encoding: safely supports the most comprehensive set of characters and encodings, including Emoji, enabling better support for non-English languages.

Servers Communication: Securely communicating between servers needed for transactions such as fetching files, conducting sales on store sites, and much more. Using the REST API platform and other applications, communicate with the server. Blocking inter-web site communication may prevent the sites from working as intended. 

Scheduled events: The planned actions executed as per schedule

Closing Active Sessions: An active session should be closed before making any HTTP requests; otherwise, it may interfere with REST API and loopback requests.

Website Errors: The debug mode details an error or site failure. Although, it provides sensitive information which should not be available on a publicly available website.

php.ini directive: file_uploads determines if uploading files is allowed on your site.

Object Caching: Most applications works when persistent object cache is enabled. Persistent object caching is used to more effectively store image dimensions and parsed CSS using a caching backend rather than using the options table in the database.

HTTPS connection: A more secure way of browsing the web. Furthermore, it can increase site speed, improve search rankings, and gain the trust of your visitors by helping to protect their online privacy.

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