Joomla, after WordPress, world's second most popular and majorly used free Content Management System (CMS), assist users in building websites in a simple and easy manner and managing the same effectively. It is a powerful CMS having an intuitive management interface by which all the functions and features are controlled. For Joomla, number of extensions for free are written by users which can extend their functionality and customize to achieve goals. This CMS got the support of a friendly community which is large in size and where freshers or startups get assistance from members who are knowledgeable and experienced ones.

Criteria/ Requirements for Best Joomla Hosting services

For any web host which offers Joomla hosting services, required to meet some specifications to offer high-quality Joomla hosting service.

1. Fully compatible

Using Joomla 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x, min requirements for system are MySQL 5.0.4, PHP 5.2.4, Apache 2.x, and If using Joomla 3.x, requirements are MySQL 5.1, PHP5.3.1 and Apache 2.x.

2. Auto Application Installer

Installing Joomla is a technical issue for common people. Web hosting companies which integrate auto application installer with control panel are always recommended.

3. Top-notch performance

Websites having fast speed with prompt loading of web pages results in users/ visitors staying longer on site. It ultimately leads to high performance. Same is for Joomla sites. Good web hosts guaranteed the average web page loading time less than 1 second.

4. 24×7 professional customer support

As technical issues are not easy to resolve by a common man, so it always requires assistance of professionals or technical experts. There is no fixed time at which issue can arise, it can take place at any moment. So, web hosts who offers 24×7 technical support for Joomla related problems are considered as great hosts.