Every serious online entrepreneur should take a careful look at re seller web hosting. Contrary to what many people think, these accounts are not strictly for web hosting re-sellers.
Anybody who can pay the rates can get a re-seller account and enjoy the huge benefits and economy that go with it. So why would somebody who is not a re-seller need a re-seller web hosting account?
To start with, there are many online small businesses who have many websites and are paying for several hosting accounts. Usually, somebody starts out with one web hosting service, but as they expand they use others and quickly end up with half a dozen different ones. When we calculate the rates being paid to all the different hosts, it quickly adds up.
The simple solution for most online entrepreneurs who find themselves in this situation is to get all their online resources under a single web host. A Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHostingweb hosting package usually turns out to be the most ideal solution.
Lower rate is actually quite a competitive re-seller package but if we look around we can easily find a similar deal that is close to this or even better.
The other thing of touching re-seller packages has to do with the fear of selling that a large majority of small business owners have. Many dread the thought of having to sell the extra hosting capacity that they will be stuck with.
With the savings many will end up making we do not need to resell the extra capacity we have. We can give it away to friends. And we can go further than that.
Re-seller web hosting accounts are economical for online entrepreneurs with growth potential because it allows for any sudden expansion in the future.
Sudden unexpected upswings in business are getting more and more common for online businesses. Imagine ending up with a site that is suddenly over the bandwidth usage level and therefore not accessible because of a sudden increment in traffic usage.
If we have more than one website and the total disk space we need is 10 GB or more, we can benefit from having a reseller account. The cost for web hosting is lower than if we have individual accounts for each site.
A Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHosting account is also useful for people who provide related services. If we’re a web designer, for example, why stop at designing sites? Provide our clients with web hosting under our company name, and we continue to earn revenue from our web design clients.
An additional services such as search engine optimization and website maintenance, and our revenue increases again.
Benefits of having a reseller account:
  • We can have more flexibility with our web hosting accounts.
  • We can save money.
  • We can earn more revenue at little cost to ourself.


Disadvantages of a reseller account:
  • our service is only as good as our upstream provider. If the server is frequently down, for example, we may lose clients.
  • If we ever have to change web hosts, the move will be an inconvenience for our clients as well as for ourself.
  •  More open source software programs are available for Linux than for Windows, which makes Linux less expensive. While most programs run on both platforms, a few run on only Windows or Linux. This is the first step for becoming a reseller host.


Afterwe set up hosting accounts for our clients, we’ll need to send them a welcome email. Include in this email:
  • A confirmation of the plan details
  • The nameserver names
  • A username and temporary password
  • A link to the control panel
  • Links to our knowledge base / FAQ and to our helpdesk


A helpdesk allows clients to contact us with support requests and us to track and respond to those requests.
With an automated billing system, clients are billed and payments are registered with little effort on our part. Most billing software licenses are priced per month or per year, with some billing software companies offering prices for lifetime licenses.
Submit our site to search engines. Tell our family, friends, and business acquaintances about our website. Include a link to it in our signature line in outgoing emails.