Website Optimization is crucial with highly searched and relevant phrases. Web admin must pay attention to meta tag keywords, title, description, Image title, citation, link title. Both on-page and off-page SEO is equally important. The companies spent thousands of dollars on SEO to get website audited and actionable recommendations. They ask for sustained research, development of keyword-oriented content. The SEO is evaluated with specific metrics to know the ROI (Return Over Investment). The success or good results are determined by good ROI, which is a real-world statistic. Ranking on the top of the Google searches on specific keywords does not mean ROI until it converts to sales or increases in customers. Thus, an increase in sales is one of the metrics in an online campaign. The sales or growth in the number of customers are measurable, and an increase in sales is goal reasonable. The likes, the excellent rating may represent the visitor's interest in a product or service, but a business is always eager to know how many really purchases.

Ananova to measure unique visitors, page views, and purchases. The SEO and marketing team puts efforts to bring visitors to the website via compelling content and other tactics. It is necessary to measure the relevant, targeted, or high-quality traffic. Check which content or page leads to conversions, and then the SEO team creates a content plan. Compare the content of other competitor websites, headlines, word count, descriptions, title, search terms, and additional information—the SEO team strategies content for both website and third-party websites, blogs, editorials, more prominent publications, and social media. The backlink or inbound links from off-site websites helps to drive targeted traffic to the page being promoted and boost its content visibility. For promotion, a lot of research or news-based content is developed. Then the communication manager or PR professionals open the dialogue with prospective link partners to place it on their website with a backlink to their business website page. Many websites always look for such content; it's a win-win situation for both. The SEO team plans this activity periodically and creates an editorial calendar. Invariably, the business content managers keep looking for the relevant content and off-site opportunities to place that content. They plan, prepare and then execute; that is why most SEO and online marketing campaigns gain huge success. The sustained activity brings organic traffic, which stays for a long-time.