About Company

USP: Internet-based, cooperative non-profit web hosting service provider

Goal: Thriving online community.

Socially democratic, non-profit cooperative association: Founded upon the core cooperative principles, advocate open membership, democratic participation, community, and education.

Co-founder: Brian Modansky

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Services Offered

Transparent Non-Profit Web Hosting Cooperative Association

Members: They are active participants in a dynamic, ever-evolving non-profit cooperative association. The members have a say in how the cooperative's resources are utilized via online software Town Hall. The members are given the ability to submit, vote, and communicate on critical issues that directly impact the cooperative's direction. In addition, members will have the ability to participate in scheduled events, review transparency reports, take online training classes, and communicate with other members who share the same physical resources. Anyone who needs web hosting can become a member for a flat annual rate, $100 a year.

Hosting Features: shared disk space and bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. Additional services include domain names, secure SSL certificates, and IP addresses. 

What for Customers?

  • The company provides fully transparent, redundant, reliable, and community-driven web hosting solutions for its members across the globe to improve performance.
  • The company believes in Society Welfare through the Internet, and its goal is not profit-making. It focuses on positive and innovative solutions through sharing ideas and cooperation of our digital community.
  • Quality hosting solutions by evolving cooperative business technology: The company takes steps to address several common problems within the shared hosting industry, including oversold servers, inadequate backups, lack of server redundancy, and unnecessary ad placement. 
  • Reduced number of users per each shared server
  • Daily Backups
  • Multi-regional DNS
  • Email redundancy
  • Educate members to build a website by utilizing freely available open-source software. 

Target Customers: Both individuals and businesses with an emphasis on member participation.

Uptime: 99.9% guarantee

Support: 24×7 live technical support