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Crucial Security CP Web Hosting Tips

Crucial Security

Techno-expert CyberCrimnals Activities

  • Using deceptive or manipulative techniques steal money or bank account or credit card financial or personal information.
  • Mislead the customers on phones or through emails claiming as company's or bank's legitimate staff and asking the details as part of a routine checkup. With the already available public information derived using social engineering, they ask a customer to confirm, and then deceptively or manipulatively asks the private information. The customer gets no idea ‘Who is calling?', the emails appear so realistic, that it encourages to click on a link or attachment. The links contain malicious software, which automatically starts downloading. Once they get access, they start malicious activities.
  • Ransomware: The hackers often install ransomware and demands payment, if the customer wants access again or get computer unlocked.
  • The cybercriminals attack not only individuals but also businesses, especially small companies. They extract vendor and customer data.
  • Defame Websites: Exploit vulnerabilities and attack website. Nowadays, privacy enabled on domains, but the hackers, get the hosting company and other information from review website and directories. Few websites provide information about the employees, from where they collect data. The employees are in the direct use of company devices, and thus their information becomes an entry point in the organization or network.
  • The cybercriminals use hacked or compromised emails to spread their mischievous activities. Thus, the reputation of the company comes on stake.

Security Importance

Everything which affects website direct or indirect must be taken care of on priority. Security protects from web-based attacks, DDoS, malware, and viruses. Rohit Kumar, Technical Executive CPWebHosting says: “Most businesses rely on hosting provider security, but that is not enough. “
If your business collects customer information or does financial transactions, then you need an extra layer of security for your hosting account and website. Hosting services ensures you about safety and ask you to just concentrate on your core business. It brings mental relaxation, but, still, you don't get satisfied. You want more-and-more security on your website.
The technical team of Security.CPWebHosting provides by their experience and research gives security tips. You can compare them with your security list. Individual website owners or bloggers can also find the tips crucial for their website security.
Remote backups maintains business continuity
Data is considered business blocks and essential for any business. No business can think every of losing it. Here comes, the idea of making it redundant. If due to any of unavoidable circumstances, due to anybody's fault, you lose data. But, you may be relaxed, as you have backup and you know, you can bring it to the same level again. Thinking of losing data is a nightmare experience. For some business is life, and to maintain the healthy life, we need to exercise. Here, in business one of the exercise important is a backup of data at the remote location, from where restoration is quick without any compromise.
Backup is also security, and now you start thinking of securing the primary data from hackers.
Install Firewall: Protect network from hackers and other harmful threats like DDoS.
SSLs: Provides secured transfer of data between visitor and website
SFTP:  It provides a more significant layer of security when you transfer files to the dedicated server.
RAID:  Protects data and keep the file safe in case server gets crashed.
The hosting provider provides above listed cybersecurity services and ensures customers of their data and private information. The security measures are must for all the websites, and if any of host, does not offer any of the services mentioned, switch to the different hosting company.
Support.CPWebHosting Resolve Customers Problems
In case of issues, customers look towards hosting company. They expect support around the clock, who immediately take problems and resolves them quickly with their experience. Running a hosting company is like dealing with technology, which brings, non-technical customers to come to hosting provider for every of the issue. If the provider helps and understands the customer problems, it brings trust and confidence to the clients.
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