social media platforms include:
The Ananova team coordinates efforts to meet its business goals using the above media, i.e., to get feedback or comments on web hosting review pages & hosting or AI-related articles.
Every day the content team prepares articles, updates the latest news or updates on hosting review pages, and then shares it on social media. The research team, content developers, and marketing team reinforce's goals to deliver current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports. The content is focused & targeted for hosting consumers. The research team measures the visitor's perception, attitude, and behavior toward such content. The research report provides in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and honest user commentary focused on its singular business goal. It empowers individuals, web developers, and businesses to make educated buying decisions when researching web hosting solutions.

The traffic and comments received on different web hosting providers' review pages help the Ananova team measure the overall brand engagement of listed hosting companies. Ananova lists the positive-rated companies in its various keyword-oriented pages to help them directly drive sales.

The biggest challenge observed is to invite the hosting consumers to post reviews or comments on the hosting provider's review page for which they have experienced services. As all the hosting consumers don't share their experiences, the review pages may lack direction; thus, the experts review hosting companies to help customers distinguish facts from hype and subjectivity and accurately compare their options.