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CGI Web Hosting

CGI web hosting is a popular programming language for web applications. CGI web hosting support CGI program executes in real-time. Unlike the static plain HTML, and CGI web hosting can output dynamic information. CGI web hosting is great for web developers who would like to create dynamic websites. Today most web hosting provider can be known as CGI web hosting provider because most of them can offer CGI supports. CGI web hosting can be on both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting platform.

CGI web hosting is great for shopping cart applications because it works well with most popular databases just like MySQL databases and MS databases, CGI web hosting function very well on Linux web hosting, Unix web hosting, and Windows web hosting servers. Most of the shopping cart scripts can work perfectly in a CGI web hosting environment.

Even though there are now more modern scripts and languages available than CGI, there are still many great reasons why CGI is the script to use. There are millions of already created CGI scripts which will make it so much easier for anyone looking for a fast start to building and maintaining a website and this will make it so much easier to maintain. Also, anyone who is looking to have a website that allows and encourages interaction between people will greatly benefit from the use of CGI. This is because the CGI scripts are used by a number of functions which enable and assist many of the interaction channels associated with a website.

If you are a firm and it is important to have a list of visitors to your website in order to keep them informed, a mailing list is definitely required. The CGI hosting and script capabilities that can be found online should enable any website owner to achieve this with ease. The CGI routine will run and check a database that has been created to store all the email addresses of the visitors who sign up with a website. This database can then be used to send letters to visitors who have expressed an interest. Some of the better CGI scripts will offer a website owner an increased level of options for the mailing including the ability to allow visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing list.

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