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Privacy enhancements With Virtual Private Network

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VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A virtualized network between physically separate networks.

Browsing Through ISP

IP (Internet Protocol) address governs the online activity. Once the device gets connected to the ISP, its assigned with an IP address, which is the opening for revealing the information. The logs maintained by IPS contains the information about the websites, web pages accessed through particular IP address.

The web analytics also track visitors by their IP address and calculate the traffic counts.

Information available to ISP

The ISP can record every user web request, but can't see inside the encrypted application. So only the website information the user's look is available. That is why it is suggested to every user to use the only HTTPS or secured connection.

Land Laws

The Internet is subject to the Federal Communication Commission as it is regarded as a public utility like a telephone. The FCC requires ISP to get permission to use user-data collected during Internet access, to create targeted advertisements. They can gather information about the browsed sites, geolocation and apps used. But, restricted to obtain valuable information like Social Security Number, address or credit card details.

Many other companies like Facebook, Google, which also gather information and store it. They are subject to different guidelines and regulations established by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Private Browsing with VPN

The Internet access goes through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which records user's online activities. The VPN masks the Internet activities and IP address by routing it through VPN providers' server rather than ISP. Thus making it close to anonymous.


VPN Policy

Most of the VPN providers claim that they keep no records. But, if the user is engaged in illegal activity, they have the right to pass the information to an official agency or organization and co-operate with security agencies.

User's Expectations

Tor Network

The hackers or snooper can intercept the user's traffic, it the connection is made to an unsecured site. A user may use free software Tor to enable an anonymous connection.

The Tor is a network of nodes and creates the Internet path random, which is harder to track. Once the user connects to Tor with an encrypted connection, the destination request (requested website) bounce around and exit at random point to get the destination. In reverse, the same process repeated.

The snooper would be able to see only encrypted traffic coming from a random location.

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