A hosting company needs new customers and wants to retain existing customers. Sounds Perfect! Is that so easy? Then why do so many customers switch? A customer needs a hosting plan to meet its requirement and budget and support to keep its website online all the time. Ananova researches almost forty thousand hosting providers, and it finds that most offer live chat, trouble ticket, Q&A, but most fail to provide the much-needed support. Ananova receives a lot of negative comments on the web hosting review pages, reading which anyone can judge that they are eager to switch the hosting provider. Problems arise, issues are raised, but they are acknowledged and resolved. But then why, the customer keeps knocking the provider support system for help, and the hosting providers do nothing like they have no solution for those issues or problems. Such customers become furious, as their trust gets fractured, they start believing why they are still with a present hosting provider, which is of no value. They might be worried that transferring files, data and changing nameservers may not be hassle-free.

The best part is that a lot of providers offer free switching. They broadcast this service everywhere on blogs, social media, and press releases, share it as regular video content on YouTube and other platforms. Still, they don't give hosting consumers enough confidence to provide them with the switching project and relax.

Ananova listens to social media specifically to check customers' queries and understand their issues or problems what they feel about the hosting company brand, its services they have experienced. The customer-generated content provides valuable ideas to the Ananova research team to develop the content to provide the best solution. The experts share this content, monitor its impact, and wait for people's feedback. It's a massive surprise that few of the customers face unique problems, and they are left with no choice just immediately to switch to the hosting provider. But is the new hosting provider capable enough of handling the issue? The dilemma is maybe not! And to acquire customers, its marketing team promises the same. It is seen that during customer acquisition time, their technical team works smartly to bring the customer website live. The customer feels satisfied that the new hosting provider evaluated & analyzed the issue, and now its online presence progresses. It's over, and the search ends! Of course, without any doubt! The customer needs to regularly analyze to get valuable insights into what worked well and what didn't.