Lepton is a Content Management Systems (CMS) for maintaining websites. Content Management Systems give you the tools for managing, modifying, editing and easily publishing content with a central interface. Content Management Systems (CMS) are used to skip the coding part of making websites and getting right to adding content and making the site functional. This is, especially, meant for novices who have no knowledge about programming and whose work does not require them to.

Lepton CMS

Lepton CMS is an incredibly designed CMS, although it has not received the credit it deserves. It is a gem that has gone unnoticed. It is easy to learn and easy to use, with a very short learning curve. The program is suited for professionals making a complex website as well as small-time bloggers who blog as a hobby. . It has a simple and clean interface giving you easy access to whatever tools you need most. It is licensed under General Public License (GNU). It is designed so that those who do not have any technical knowledge and want to manage their content without any trouble can even use it. It is an open-sourced system, which is an added bonus since it gives you the freedom to modify it to better suit your needs if you are looking for something that is missing. It has a simple interface that is easy to use and does not leave you confused and fazed. Any donations made are appreciated.

It has a lot of great features like themes, add-ons, quick installation, clean interface, WYSIWYG editing, multi-language support, admin tools, multiple user compatibility, multimedia file manager and many more that you will find once you start exploring the program. It is in no way short of features in comparison to other CMS out there. To get a feel of the program check out the demo on the program’s website.

A professional developer may get the impression that the program is too simple to make a feature-filled website but it can definitely handle it.

Add-ons available for the program are very useful in increasing the program’s functionality. There are two types of add-ons available to use with Lepton CMS:

Free Add-ons: These are, of course, available free of cost. There is no charge for using these add-ons in conjunction with the program

Commercial Add-ons: These, on the hand, are paid for. A licence fee is charged for usage with Lepton CMS. There is no free usage.

When you finish installing the package, the first thing you will notice on opening the program is the uncluttered interface. You will be able to immediately find the tools you are looking for without any trouble. Plug-ins and widgets are integrated, giving greater functionality.

If you are new to the program or have any doubts or queries there is a forum available to address your problems. Lepton CMS is an excellent program with almost all the functions you might need, although its potential has not been discovered.