Many reasons are there for migration of business to a new web hosting service provider. Cause differs from low disk space to miserable customer service or regular breakdowns of a server. Selecting new web hosting service provider might appear overwhelming. On the reality check, it's not so. This article delivers significant points in this perspective.

Choose a new web hosting provider

Anybody has to consider different aspects while choosing new web hosting provider. These aspects include an operating system, uptime, bandwidth, disk space requirements and customer service.

Type of operating system (OS)

It is better to implement the same OS while migrating from one web hosting provider to another. Migration done will be hassle-free. OS must not be changed, until and unless there is a valid reason. If anybody is planning to take an option for new OS, the user must check the OS is being provided by new hosting service provider.

A database such as MySQL or Access is required by the website. Both Linux and Windows are compatible with MySQL and Access is congenial with Windows only. When anybody migrates to new OS these points are to be considered.

Disk space and Bandwidth

Bandwidth and disk space are very important features provided by new web hosting provider because speed is affected by former and data storage space are affected by latter. Analyze whether higher bandwidth and disk space are offered at same cost by a new service provider. A user has to execute analysis related to cost-benefit. It will help to make a sensible decision.


When user's website is down then customers will get disturbed and site's credibility will be impaired. A web host will end up by losing hundreds and thousands. New service will provide 100% uptime, likely less. Claims are to be verified surely.

When scheduled maintenance is executed check further during peak hours or non-peak hours. At peak hours, business will like to lose significant revenue and traffic.

Customer service

While choosing new web hosting provider good customer service is important. Check whether customer service is available always or not, means seven days a week. They must use phone calls, live chat or SMS. Faster communication is possible by these options. A user has to visit the website of web hosting provider to check credibility.

Factors after zeroing on a web hosting provider

Make Back-up of website

Switching t
o new web hosting provider includes ensuring safe website from many hazards such as file loss including HTML files, applications, images, scripts, plugins and so on. A user should make secure files by making a backup on a separate machine. One can download all files by using FTP.

Configure email

Ensure to recheck email configuration after migration website to new web hosting provider. No task leads to email service failure.

DNS propagation and changes

Transfer of new web hosting provider is not complete until updation of DNS and submitted to a new service provider. Until new service provider assign a temporary IP address. By this IP address, a user can check the functionality of a website. Anybody has to ensure for domain name change as per requirement. This is necessary for communication for a domain registrar. They advise the procedure to change. A task will be easy for a user by inbuilt tools of domain registrar.

Internal links should be checked

After completion of the transfer process, internal links should be checked using link checking tools. All links have to work same as before transition. Additionally, always check log files and errors and troubleshoot many issues.

Test new website

It is important to recheck the improper working of a website in detail. Especially, check features of web pages includes forms, plugins, apps etc.

Cancel old account

Subsequent to closing all processes involved in the transition, a user needs to close the account by former web hosting provider. It is more important to maintain live account backup option till accurate transition will happen.

To convey a message on web pages, requesting visitors must have patience during site downtime because of transition. It will provide an impression of cause for concerned trouble and will enhance site credibility.

You have so many options when it wants to make online presence on a website. Shared hosting is a conventional solution which is mostly used for SMBs. In shared hosting, many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. SiteGeek provides unbiased review and rating of web hosting providers.

When customer transfer domain to iPage, automatically adds one year time. New customers and existing clients can save up to 60% on each migration of domain.

For transferring domain names customers have to check following points:-

  • Domains must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
  • Transfers will succeed only if the Admin Contact information is up-to-date
  • You must obtain an authorization code to transfer to
  • Transfers will take between 5 and 7 days under normal circumstances
  • Domains must be valid and already registered with another registrar