SEO needs to know how many people visited the website, different demographics like sex, age, location, IP locations, see frequency, and much more. Analytical tools help them to access all the required information.

The SEO team runs several campaigns to increase the website performance and thrive traffic. They want o accurate data to track the movement or activity effectiveness to drive in the right direction and take decisions.

Google Analytics

Provides reports on how many people visited the website, the referral website, their time on the website, different pages they navigated, and where they clicked. Google collects website visitors' data on its servers, but before that, it provides a JavaScript code that web admin need to place before closing the section.

Map your success with Twitter analytics reports that come with high-level statistics tracked from month to month. Furthermore, Twitter provides spotlights top-performing Tweets & introduces the user to the influencers in the network. It allows users to monitor what people say about the issue by keyword searches or mentions of the campaign's Twitter username. A user can track message replies and keyword searches by hashtag (#), making relevant posts easier to find. The analytics helps to understand how to grow business, which content Twitter members are showing interest, Retweeted, liked and replied for every Twitter activity. account home

Other Tools

  • HootSuite: It has built-in analytical tools to track how many people quote or reply to Twitter posts.
  • AWStats is open-source installed on a webserver to track website visitors. AWStats plugin runs with AWStats to generate more readable reports.
  • ClickHeat is an open-source web application that generates visual representations of website visitors' clicks. It lets the web admins know the interesting & compelling parts of a page.