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Managed WordPress Hosting

1) Why Managed WordPress Hosting

As we all understood, it’s very important to keep our WordPress website up to date and safe and secure by preventing access of same by hackers or unauthorised users. In this context, Managed WordPress hosting plays a significant role, as it offers advantages; by taking back up of the website on daily basis and by installing the updates at the end of every week to the website owner or the concerned user. The updates which are installed if any of them contains a security patch, then it updates same at that time. WordPress, its themes and plug-ins all are included in this. Managed WordPress hosting prevent the hackers from sending any kind of e-mails to your website or to perform any other awful thing on your site by locking down your WordPress website.

So, overall Managed WordPress hosting offers great level of security to your site and also keep it up to date and both the things safety and updates are very crucial for any wordpress website to run it smoothly and properly.

2) Managed WordPress Hosting Features

a. Managed upgrades

It always updates the WordPress, its framework, its theme, and all plug-ins. If there is any vulnerability seen and patched in any plug in, then at the same time an update will be released and prevent hackers of taking benefit of the vulnerability and putting unnecessary advertisements on the home page of your site.

b. Managed back-ups

Back up of the installation of the WordPress and all its files and databases are taken before any plug-in or any updates to the same is installed. This is important because if any issue occurs during the up gradation of a plug-in, then your site can be restored as back up is done. With this, back up of the database is also taken every day and back up of the WordPress files are taken every week.

c. Protection from brute force attacks

If anybody tried to log in to your site relentlessly then this is known as brute force attack and this offers you protection from the same by locking the attacker after several no. of attempts being made by him to log in.

d. XML-RPC made unavailable to hackers

These days hackers are using the xmlrpc method to guess your username and password so as to access your site but it turned-off the same.

3) Additional Managed WordPress Hosting Features

With this, there are some more great and very useful features offered by Managed WordPress hosting, as follow:

  1. It offers optimal protection to the important and mostly used WordPress files from hackers.
  2. If any query string found in the URL looks doubtful or suspicious, it also blocked them as this is a sign of hacking.
  3. Hackers, agents or bad hosts which are known are banned from accessing the site on automated basis, as there is an option to append them to the list.
  4. Hackers can view your files via directory browser so here this option is also disabled.
  5. It also offers protection from hackers and bots who are looking for vulnerabilities they know.
  6. It also scans the wordpress site for malicious software, abbreviated as malware once in a month.
  7. It also prevents php scripts from uploading it to the folder named “uploads”.
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