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Web Encryption Intro

Web EncryptionAs far as you are on a WiFi network that someone else can also use, rest assured you will be at some point in your life be spied upon. It can be anyone, your partner, a friend, your employer or even the government, there can be an eye on each and everything that you do online.

What these hackers do is they eavesdrop on the stream of data that is being exchanged between you and the website that you are looking up or working with. It can be any website, your email or your bank website. But every sort of data, how so ever sensitive, is being sent across and can be used by anyone who taps it in between.

This problem was addressed by the HTTPS technology. What it did was that it encrypted the data that was being exchanged and made it appear like random characters to anyone who would try to use it from in between or while being transmitted.

Importance of Web Encryption

We all know that it is extremely essential that we keep our data and information pertaining to us, safe, while we are on the net. Also if you have an organization and you collect information people, then also you will never like that you lose that data to someone who might misuse it.

If you think that the process of having the client login into a website with a secure password makes internet surfing safe, think again. It does not protect your information and there are all sorts of ways by which this information can be illegally accessed without any password or any authorization at all. Thus comes in Web Encryption. It ensures that whatever communication happens between a client and a server remains safe if it is intercepted while being exchanged.

There is so much that one does with the web. You put in personal information like your contact details and your credit card number, your search for all sorts of thing and read/see/hear all sorts of things, you send and receive messages from people. And without encryption, all this sensitive information is open for disclosure to anybody who has a decent level of technical know-how and has malicious intentions.

Encryption should be done by all. Be it a large organization, the government or an online shopping store. If you want the visitor to your website to feel safe, invest in HTTPS and come under the security cover of Web Encryption.

Such sites run on the hypertext transfer protocol secure standard — or HTTPS — and often feature a green lock or green emblem in your browser address bar, indicating that the website is encrypted and operates at a much higher level of security than other sites.

No SSL could mean No Visitor from Search Engines

Most browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari and Google Chrome already started showing a warning on websites not encrypted. In the address bar, it shows exclamation point branded with words as ‘not secure.' Hence, would lead users to distrust such sites and its content.
SSL brings an extra layer to website security and visitors safety is utmost important. It is must for not only websites running e-commerce, where shoppers enter their credit card numbers and other highly sensitive information that hackers are looking to steal but for all sites on the Internet.

Why is https not used by everybody?

As it sounds, HTTPS seems to be an ideal solution to a lot of problems regarding the security of the internet. Then why does everybody not adopt it? There are a few reasons for that. Firstly there are so many certificate authorities that it creates confusion and they have at times failed the confidence of the clients. Another problem is that web encryption is not as well secured without using a technique called perfect forward secrecy. It should be used to avoid decryption by hackers. Also, there can be a man – in – the – middle attacks when you are connected to a public wifi even with HTTPS. Also, HTTPS is an expensive affair.

The next new hope, “Let's Encrypt”

Let's Encrypt is a new technology that will allow a website owner to turn on HTTPS with a single click, doing away the painful process that one has to undergo today to set up a secure network. It is being estimated to be launched in summer of 2015. It will be free of any charge.

Most web hosting companies offer Let's Encrypt SSL free, value-added service. It is simple to deploy.

Web Encryption is essential if we need safe internet to prevail which all can trust and use without being spied upon.