Free windows hosting has been popular among various commercial and individual users since they get almost all the benefits of PHP windows hosting and windows 7 PHP server. The windows PHP server has been in existence from the last few years, but most of the people still have one question, why they offer it for free? The question is valid and the answer to PHP for windows server 2008 is simple. The PHP for windows server is in business from a long time and has made a huge amount from this so now they are just paying back a small amount in the form of free windows hosting. Let's discuss all you need to know about install PHP on windows server 2008 along with PHP server for windows.

Take a Look to Some Basic and Features of Windows Hosting

It is exactly like PHP windows server, until the day it has successfully delivered 99% internet activity although some companies even claims that they deliver 99.9% internet connection. The services by PHP on windows server are very significant; it offers a huge space of 1500MB along with incredible total transfer data of 100GB since they are connected with the same server as paid window hosting. In addition, PHP server windows include a number of upgrade options and two software, auto installer & web builder tools. The auto installer is installing PHP on windows server 2008 and web builder enable you to build your own site with few clicks. There is also an option to go for PHP for windows server 2003 according to requirement.

What difference can PHP create?

Most of the Php web server windows hosting services offer unlimited latest PHP support along with SQL services. Remember, windows PHP web server features are very valuable when dealing in web hosting and they offer it absolutely free so people go for install PHP on windows server. The latest version of windows web server PHP includes a few features, it is fully supported to mail functions you can send and receive unlimited mail. It supports ht access, Zend, XML GD2 library as well as Curl. In addition, this free service supports loncube loader and PHP server for windows 7. However, you may have issues with safe mode windows server 2008 PHP is off, but you can still upload files.

A look at control panel guarantee

Most of the leading free windows hosting companies offer cPanel that is used by PHP server on windows and it can also be used by PHP web server for windows. However, it is easy to maintain Php for windows server 2008 r2 but still they offer customer support that includes video tutorials, etc. Furthermore, it includes hundreds of other features of windows server PHP. Those who are extra concern about their system they should know that it uses high standard securities thus no one can use your server without your permission and the data will automatically store at PHP windows server 2003 far away from individuals reach after every seven days.

Furthermore, it is the foundation upon which PHP on windows server 2008. A site that is appealing PHP windows server 2008 will attract visitors and influence customers. The PHP server windows 7 browse hundreds of websites every month; therefore, it is important for your business's site to stand out from local PHP server windows and going for Microsoft sql server Php. Thus, windows Php hosting is an easy task.