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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Zen Co UK Company Overview is leading in the Web Hosting field over the last 19 years. Zen Internet Limited is registered in England. It has been grown from a pioneering ISP that offers the full range of voice, data and web hosting services. It is UK based Web Hosting Company which provides its facility to business and residential customers across the UK and all over the world. However, its prices are low in UK. It gives the capabilities to its users which they want to collaborate, communicate and pursue their long-term goals. It delivers the facility of infrastructure businesses need for competing in a highly connected world.

Reliability and Uptime Report

Zen internet has achieved 99.74% uptime last week. With 1 existing domains were deleted, 20 domains were transferred away, 3 new domains were registered with Zen internet and 6 domains were transferred to Zen internet from other web hosts. As per social media content and conversations, Zen internet has 20.63% positive user response.

Plan and Pricing has various plans. It has plans for home, small business and medium and large business. Its plans are expensive as compare to its competitors. However, it also offers great features, so its price is worthwhile. It has plans for starters to professionals. It has Award-Winning Fibre and Phone Packages for your Business. They are – Fibre 1, Unlimited Fibre 1, Unlimited Fibre 2 and Unlimited Fibre Office.

Features and Control Panel offers the speed that would not slow down. Whatever website you have in mind, it has got a web hosting plan that suit your needs. It has rich feature web hosting service that starts at £3.99 per month. It offers – 1 month contract, E-mail support (POP and IMAP), State of the art UK Data Centres, UK support, Upgradable to meet your needs, Domain names available with privacy options and Secure your website with an SSL certificate. It provides Internet access services for UK businesses and homes from leased lines, broadband, website hosting & managed network security.

It has various cpanel options, that are – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Reseller. Its cpanel is easy to use and have various features in it.

Technical Support offers the facility of technical support 8am – 8pm weekdays and 9am – 5pm weekends. It offers its technical support through via phone, email or live-chat. If you have any query or issue then not to worry, you are not alone. Its customer support team is always there to help you. You just need to get in touch with them.

Pros has various pros, some major pros are – high customer satisfaction, reliability, speedy activation, online account management, Month-to-month rolling contract and many more.

Cons has some cons, that are – some missing features, comparatively expensive and not really for bigger businesses.


Although the price which is offered by broadband nationwide may be higher for some customers which is based on their location however, in some areas of the UK it offers the wholesale price of Broadband. It is best for UK customers. It offers high customer satisfaction. Its speed is also fast with speedy activation too. Its uptime is also considerable. It has online account management system. Additionally, it has lots of features. Its technical support team is also amazing. So, it is worthy to spend your bucks on this Web Hosting Company, especially if you are UK customers.

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