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Site Geek Functions

Site Geek FunctionsSite Geek is also affected by Visitor’s opinion.  They are ultimately judged to evaluate the performance of a website. It is worthwhile to discuss the various functions and principles of Site geek.

Site Geek Functions

Professional tools – Site Geek Functions

To get a suitable host for individual or business website, one needs to do a bit of brainstorming, as every website is not having the same requirements. Prior proper research need be done. It is here Site Geek plays its role in managing web hosts.

Convincing the visitors – Site Geek Functions

A website provides different types of reports to assist in decision making in a selection of web host, thus convincing the visitors to go for the top listed companies, or follow a certain course of action. Here the role of Site Geek is more persuasive for adopting a certain attitude towards hosting companies.

Site Geek profession in presenting itself as a tool for rating and reviewing web hosting companies.

A Knowledge Body – Site Geek Functions

A website researchers are deliberately involved in developing of different kind of reports. Educating web hosting customers, about the standard being followed in the industry. Discussing the different policies, procedures, and ethics followed by different hosting companies.

In the Interest of Hosting customers – Site Geek Functions

Visitors on Site Geek are mostly website owners, developers, designers, SEOs, and programmers. They share common goal or occupation of development of websites. The website needs to be hosted on a server of some hosting company. Sitegeek sole purpose is to research and bring some quality reports in the interest of these people.

  1. Assist in managing of websites – Website is going to provide downtime reports through email or SMS, so whenever your website is going down due to hosting provider, you will be getting alert for that.
  2. A site geek policy is very clear to work in the interest of hosting customers, website owners and assisting them in managing their domains.
  3. Website Policy – Objective or policy of Sitegeek is to a bridge between customers and hosting companies.
  4. Companies do want feedback and customers share their opinion on Site Geek.

Site Geek as a directory of press releases done by hosting companies

Hosting companies do share plans, achievements, awards, impression, ideas in their press release to convey information to hosting community. A press release may be done from online media companies like PR, PRWEB, SBWire, Business or other press dissemination companies or done in magazines, television, radio and motion pictures. Sitegeek collects all the press releases done by hosting companies and present them in the form of a directory with the source.

Advertisements on Site Geek

Normally, site geek does publicize, it is not accepting advertisements. A site geek policy is to publicize hosting companies and various tools which assist in web development, thus conveying message or information about product or service offered. Although one may argue that it is a function of sales, site geek displays them and has 2 –way communication open for visitors, to know their opinion or attitude.

Site Geek is Lobbying

SiteGeek is influencing that attitude or behavior of visitors by presenting top hosting company lists. Top lists are representing companies who score over certain metrics on all other companies. Metrics which site geek is calculating is uptime, downtime, and number of domains.

Site Geek as a news agency

A website is delivering the latest news or developments of hosting industry.

Site Geek as PRO

Research work is being disseminated to various online news websites, magazines, to publicize on their website. News releases, articles and features produced through research are being shared to media. Few of the reports are sensational or attention-catching nature. For the same, PRO is maintaining a healthy relationship with media organizations.

Site Geek promotes its reports

Few of the reports like expired domains list expired domains linked with major sites CNN, BBC, media, educational and government websites. Such domains are of interest to various SEOs and hackers.

Propagates attitude of visitors works on the ideology of assisting hosting customers and all the reports are published in their interest. Site Geek does offer 2-way communication allowing visitors to provide feedback on elements of a website, which is also important for companies. Thus, it can be said that Site Geek propagates attitude or opinion of visitors and sometimes also influence them.

Site Geek community relations is available on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin and regularly doing posting about the latest developments, thus communicating with members.

Site Geek discusses hosting ethics

What is allowed and not allowed in hosting the world? Although it is much dependent on land rules.

Sitegeek conveys and describes responses of visitors. It is a voice of ‘Hosting Customers’.