We live in the internet era. In the 21st century, the internet has become an integral part of most of our day to day lives. Even in commercial and business sector internet has revolutionized the way we look and work with things. Over these past few decades, with the advent of scientific advancement and rapid globalization, everything has become computerized. Computers and the internet have become an important part and parcel of the world today.

Every company, government or institution has activities that are being carried out online. With the advent of the internet now, any information can be accessed at the tip of our figure. These past few years have seen a rapid growth in the information and technology industry. We are today living in an age of the global expansion. With the advent of social media, the impact of the internet has increased even more. Over these years, many youngsters have shown a keen interest in learning and knowing about stuff related to the internet.

The growing popularity of websites offering free Web Hosting Services

Nowadays having and owning a website is mandatory for any company including the established ones as well as start-ups. Online promotion has also become very popular in the recent times. Therefore, thousands of computer programmers and developers are coming up who want to create a website of their own and use it for their purpose or commercially. Now creating a website is not an easy task. After creation of a website, one needs to find a server to host it. While there are many paid platforms for hosting, it is not always easy for starters to take out money for hosting. Therefore, many of them resort to ways of free hosting with the required server. For an instance, many developers today are keen on developing dynamic web applications and websites online.

ASP hosting with SQL server

Therefore, many reputed companies and websites are even offering free ASP hosting with SQL server. There are many websites that are offering ASP.NET web for hosting web applications.

We know that Microsoft.Net is a framework that can support a variety of programming language, and the SQL is a database where we can store our information and data so that it can be retrieved easily. Therefore using these sites one can easily create websites in the ASP.net framework for enhancing projects and impressing clients. Apart from that, for an educational purpose also, many websites allow keen students to create websites and host for free. One needs just to create an account on the required website. After creating an account, they can go to dashboard and create a website and then upload the files to a file manager. However, few websites offer free hosting only for educational purpose. Apart from that, there are other websites that own and operate windows server for hosting their customers in a cloud environment. These websites even support the applications built on latest technologies like ASP.NET 4.5.2, MS SQL Server 2012 SP2 for databases, ASP.NET MVC 5, Windows Server 2012, IIS 8, Website Panel 2.1, Smarter Mail 14 with Exchange ActiveSync, my Little Admin, 3.8 etc.

These websites provide the best ASP.NET hosting service with Microsoft SQL server which in turn has benefited many website developers and programmers who are keen on running their websites and web applications dynamically. These websites have definitely upped the game of the web hosting industry and can be seen as a revolution in popularizing the web hosting services.