Jim, sales President CPWebHosting feels there is perception that the Reseller Hosting Industry will collapse, before 2013. The long term senior admin member of the CPWebHosting, however, knows that the perception may not be backed by the actual numerical strength of searches in the Google Analytics. Yet the Hosting industry has to battle this perception.

Lot of articles can be found on the Internet supporting this perception, I have been writing this article to make out the readers understand, what basic is now lacking in the Reseller Hosting Industry with the change in time. Restricted Unlimited Shared Hosting has almost taken over the Reseller Hosting, designers companies, who were previously the resellers of some Hosting companies, are now running their own servers. Earlier it was a very big hectic of acquiring, compiling, installing and modifying Apache for Hosting purpose, now a days, control panels have made it much easier, especially cPanel.

Control panels are taking care of all the complexities which are increasing in the day by day development of the web. Lot is coming in the technology now, making the websites more complicated then the last. And the beauty of the new technology is that it is perfectly much easier to install and run them on the each site on a suitable system. Video tutorials are available with the text and flash manuals documenting every step, being the best roadmaps that tell how to get somewhere and get the things done.

In today’s scenario, as the things have became much easier with control panels, whose basic concepts are easy to follow, so the more and more designing and development companies have started taking servers and putting the cPanel or other control panel on it and managing their websites, instead of being Resellers of some X hosting company.

There could be n no. of reasons but one of the reason which I have taken above seems to be quite realistic, although the hosting companies in the market from last decade and more have a very reason to provide good hosting as their technical staff is much acquainted with the possible combination of commands to implement the launch of website.

Although in today’s scenario, running your own web hosting company is much easier, but what we feel this that the developers and designers must be aware of wider issues for instance security, before making sensible decision about own or other’s server configuration by being a Reseller.