The template is the face of a blog, and users enjoy reading from a properly designed template. Graphical representation of website determined by layout, colors, typefaces, graphics and other aspects that make site unique. With a bit knowledge of CSS and HTML, and by adjusting parameter settings through control panel environment, you can make your template unique. You can change colors, template width and a number of columns.

Features of Good Template

  • Responsive: Web site adapts to different iPad, iPhone or Android Phone screen sizes.
  • Proper Documentation: Developer provides the detailed documentation for replicating the demo site look.
  • SEO-Friendly: A light and efficient template gets indexed well by search engines
  • Output clean HTML and CSS: Efficient code and layout structure impact the efficiency of the website.
  • Flexible Module System
  • CCK Sytling: With built-in K2, you get styling for the component that matches the template style from the start.
  • Standard Compliancy: Compatible with most of the browsers.

To View templates

Extensions -> Template Manager

There are 2 types of templates:

  1. Site Template (Front-end Presentation): To change the public look-n-feel of a website.
  2. Administrator Template (Back-end Presentation): To change administrator interface looks.

Template Resources

Already available Joomla Templates to enhance the website design.

  • Free Templates: Provided by Joomla Community
  • Commercial Templates: Premium templates, visit the table below for Joomla providers.