The servers which are using Linux as an operating system can make Linux Hosting. In this plan, Linux platform has installed server software. The user gets complete control and available programs and scripts. Some popular LAMP related server software is also connected to this interface like MySQL, Apache, Linux and Python/Perl/PHP. A web host can customize this platform easily. A maximum community of user supports the Linux platform. cPanel is a control panel that is used to obstruct new OS from the user so that anything will not mix with each other.

Best Linux Hosting

The best Linux Hosting is based on latest technology. It is measured on some features like uptime, affordability, and technical support. Some companies provide best Linux hosting which is reliable and fast. The control panel is designed in such a way so that user has control on data, websites, and files. The most popular control panel is cPanel that gives more features and has more application such as b2evolution, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

Why Linux Web Hosting

World Wide Web system is connected to the important services such as internet hosting in which an enterprise is provided a facility for uploading its important data and information on the internet. This uploading is necessary for distribution. Therefore, best Linux Hosting is useful in above procedure. Linux is an open source platform in which user can easily gather desired information. In this interface, the uniqueness is measured in terms of two things which are ssh and telnet access that help to transfer user data through transmission control protocol. Through CGI, which is common gateway interface, the user is connected with a browser application.

Advantages of Linux Hosting:

There are certain benefits which are as follows:

  1. Stable and secure: Linux web hosting provides secure interface provides a user-friendly platform in the area of safety of data.
  2. Basic Plan: Linux web hosting comprises with the FTP access, ssh access, and MySQL services.
  3. Easy Backups: Linux provides backup facility via inbuilt tools.
  4. Low cost: Being open source software the cost of this software is less than in comparison to other software.
  5. Technical Support: This platform gives the facility of troubleshooting related to the functions which solve the problem of users. The support is reliable and best among other services.
  6. Simple Administration: Linux operating system is blessed with simple management. In this platform, no other software tools are required to be used.
Linux Hosting Companies:

The best Linux hosting companies provide reliable, secure, good customer support and best bandwidth according to the requirements. Companies provide sufficient storage to the user as they are in need. Most web hosting companies are keenly interested in Linux OS makes Linux administration the desired platform for developers. A certification which is RedHat Certified Engineer Program that gives Linux ability of candidate and web hosts can provide efforts of technical support.

Red Hat Innovation Awards

Each year recognize unique and impressive projects and technological achievements using Red Hat solutions to solve problems, improve functionality and expand the open source community.

About Red Hat, Inc.

  • The world's leading provider of open source solutions.


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Linux Hosting provides some hosting packages that involve account managing, website creation and adding domains. Some essential features such as uptime and money back guarantee, disk space, email addresses, databases and 24/7/365 technical support. Linux Hosting is mostly free, and Linux OS can easily be used on old servers.