A Web Hosting Reseller is a person or company that acts as an agent for a web hosting company, selling their products for some form of remuneration.
Reseller may get discounts off the hosting accounts they buy from their hosting company , or maybe they can create their own custom hosting accounts for re-sale to their customers.
Another type of reseller could simply be someone who forwards leads directly to the hosting company in return for a commission. Either way, these are all forms of Reselling web hosting services.
Most times we will not be able to distinguish web hosting resellers from web hosting companies with their own servers, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Many web hosting resellers are actually better run companies than their suppliers.
Often times resellers tend to be smaller companies than their suppliers, and therefore tend to take a more personal approach to running their businesses. This may translate into better customer service, and perhaps timelier responses to support issues.
Operating our business as a reseller cuts down on many of the overhead expenses involved in setting up our own data center, servers, routers, internet connections, etc.
Many Web Hosting Resellers are much better run companies, and in much better financial shape than the hosting company reseller company are selling for.
We go out of our way to avoid web hosting resellers and try to ensure the company we choose as our web host has their own servers? Not at all.
We should really focus on such things as technical support response times, customer service, and their willingness to help us out when we need it.
By becoming a Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHosting, not only can web developers create websites for their clients, but they can provide their clients web hosting, as another studio service.
All we need to become a reseller, is to find a web host who offers multiple website hosting accounts, along with reseller services and then its up to us to host our clients' web sites from our own account.
Our clients will be happy with the low fees we can offer; and, we will have ourself a very profitable side business.
So what do we need to be a successful website hosting reseller?
To become a web hosting reseller, the first step is to get ourself a multiple domain account. For example, if we take out an account that allows up to 6 websites , we can use one of the domains for development of our own site, and, still have 5 domains to allocate to our clients sites.
All we need to do is pay our regular fee to our web host, then, we can charge your clients what ever we like.
It is preferable to have full administrative control over our client's web sites. Make sure that, not only does our web host provide us with a control panel that includes full administrative facilities to easily manage our multiple account, but that our host provides our clients with their own control panel too.
Most importantly our web host should give us the facility to hide our web hosts identity so clients are unaware that we are offering a third party service.
Terms and conditions are essential when offering any service, ensure that all our clients have a copy of our terms and conditions.
Many resellers forget to create their own terms and conditions, as they are often very time consuming to write.
Fast and reliable, service and support, is essential, from our web hosting company. If something happens to our client's web site it is important to be able to get the problem solved as soon as possible.