Linux hosting blog initiates when a user starts a new blog and this is the process to choose an appropriate web hosting for their website. The blogging is mainly used to expand services, advocacies, and products. A content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in blogging is used to manage the photos, videos, and posts for better communication. In the blogosphere, WordPress is a very famous interface for users. WordPress is the only platform which runs better on a server of Linux due to its plug-ins and security.

Linux Hosting blog is Famous

Most bloggers don’t like difficult user platform. The plans related to Linux web hosting involve dashboard which is easy to use to build user’s personal account, WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) and cPanel. All control panels are user-friendly. Linux platform is easy to maintain for users. Linux price is more affordable for users than any other platform.

How to choose-Linux

Linux is more preferable for web servers. It is popular for its stability, efficiency, and reliability. If a user will use Python, Perl, CGI or PHP scripting then Linux hosting blog is necessary. A lot of space is provided by internet service providers (ISPs) to the user for blog posting or developing a web page, online retail store and adding best quality multimedia.

Use of Application

WordPress is helpful to set up Linux hosting blog. There is an important application which is one-click installation script. Using this script, it will take less time to install to build the website for navigation purpose. By this script, WordPress themes which are self-hosted can easily be modified in different ways. The functionality of one-click WordPress is used for communication to the customer. WordPress is rated as 14.7 percent among millions of websites in the world. Many new domains are running WordPress in the US. Some new websites are designed so that their content is used to store the data on a database; blog management and some information are posted. To establish system administrator, Apache configuration and WordPress play an important role. Ubuntu server is used for Linux operating system which is famous around the world. MySQL server is included in a Web server software package.


A password is used for the MySQL root user. Although, Linux hosting has also some drawbacks still it is very popular among users. Cloud Linux helps a customer to take advantage in favor of web server. Linux is based on GNU (General Public License). In Linux, older servers are used by web hosts. For Linux servers, maintenance tools and robust management are developed to make administration easier. This platform is scalable in nature, therefore, shared hosting account will function same as a dedicated server. Blogging software has its own disadvantages and advantages. So, various types of blogging software are also available for users. WordPress tool is kept focusing on technical support, multiple authors, posts, importations and cross-blog tools. Apache2 instance plays an important role in organizing configuration of a website with some modules.


The users who want to get an open-source platform can easily use Linux based system or solution. This system configures user’s web server. So, they can create commercial software to run on websites. Linux gives the facility of FTP program which is a secure shell program or can say web browser. Dreamweaver is also a useful application.