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Managed Virtual Private Server

About Private Server

A Private server is a virtual machine which is privately administrated. Servers need adequate power, internet connection and can be noisy. They are mostly located in a collocation center. Private Servers are available in the market in the same way as desktops or laptops are available and can be purchased individually.

Managed Dedicated Server Insight

Managed dedicated server includes the service of hardware, software, and ongoing upkeep of a dedicated server. The dedicated server industry mostly provides bundles of additional services and products with the servers. It offers a deeper level of management.

Managed dedicated server has full-time system administrators. It offers the facility of not only more productivity, but also provides ease of mind for multitude of other issues. It provides great security. Moreover, security is a major factor in choosing not only a managed dedicated server but also in choosing a managed dedicated hosting company.

Get to know Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is an IT provisioning model in which a service provider leases the dedicated servers and associates the hardware to a single client. Managed hosting is different from other dedicated hosting because in that the service provider administers the operating systems, hardware and system software. The client has administrative access but as a rule, they rarely use it, instead of interacting with the leased system via Web-based interface. The hosting provider is responsible for configuring and setting up the hardware. It installs and configures software, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring, and updates. It offers great technical support.

There are many other services available which may be either as a part of the hosting package or as an add-on. It includes load balancing, backups disaster recovery and security processes. It also includes intrusion detection (ID), vulnerability scans and DDoS (distributed denial of service) prevention and mitigation.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Technology

A virtual private server (VPS) is a system which implements multiple virtual machines on a physical server. Virtual machines have long been used by computer manufacturers such as – HP, IBM, and many others on mainframes and servers.

In 2010 VPS use was increased by the Internet hosting providers (ISP). Virtualization makes it possible to use a large number of virtual servers on a single physical server. It causes the physical server use in a much larger proportion of the time. The use of virtual servers provides inherent security in addition. Compromised VPS has no effect on other VPS on the same physical machine, like – shared web hosting usually is the case. Virtualization is also be used to rotate different and non-interchangeable operating on the same computer. Each VPS has their own RAM, their own processes, their own space, their own OS with their own server load and even their own file system. Each VPS is completely independent.

VPS technology is about dividing a physical server into multiple smaller virtual servers. Each VPS has its own share resources.

Managed Virtual Private Server

A Managed Virtual Private Server offers the peace of mind. A fully managed server offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. There are various companies which offer 30 days money back guarantee with no hidden charges and 24/7 technical support. They offer excellent technical support, which makes it simpler to use. These companies offer various plans from which you can choose any of the plan as per your need & budget.

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