A web hosting provider operates ethically and communicates this to its stakeholders—the marketing team acts to strengthen the crucial areas standing in the hosting market. The company influences the stakeholder's attitude towards the organization and builds a strong relationship. The two-way symmetric activities are conducted to make the company's repo.

The hosting industry is highly competitive; different hosting companies keep launching a breakthrough web hosting plans or offering great discounts to acquire customers. Sometimes, they slash their margins or profits to gain new customers, and it raises the competition, as their actions and attitudes significantly affect the other providers. And, if such discounts offerings or new technology is not within the capacity of the hosting provider, it impacts its market reputation. Managing reputation is beyond one's control, and it largely depends on the market.

Almost every hosting provider might be running its marketing activities, investing in communication, disseminating different types of information, communicating & influencing prospects, creating awareness of good operational practices, and enhancing company relationships with stakeholders.

“The actions speak louder than words.”

The hosting company does press releases, shares their annual or quarterly results, & content marketing. Furthermore, maintain media relations, investor relations, social responsibility, donations, community affairs, advertising, employee communication, department management, and counseling.

Regular and sustained communication with stakeholders helps shape the hosting provider's operational practices and gain the most admired ranking. The hosting company researches to know its key stakeholders better, their strengths and weaknesses, and it helps them focus on the gap between internal realities and stakeholder perceptions. It produces a powerful re-orientation of priorities and behaviors and plans to exceed stakeholder expectations. Furthermore, align with policies, systems, and programs in all functional areas. The business measure regularly against targets and act to improve the results.