There are 10 ways to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers. The tool is very much dependable to the companies worldwide is widely used. It is better for the owners to have a good knowledge about how to deal with the hacking problem. Taking the proper steps at the right time may protect WordPress.

  1. Among the 10 ways to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers, the most important is to use the web hosting provider that is secure. As it is well known, the web hosting providers are not all equal according to the standards. Availing the cheap services may not give the right result. Therefore, hosting providers with good track records are recommended.
  2. Updating is the next important thing that the WordPress users should do. Along with time WordPress updates itself. The site owners should allow these updates. But if the updates are not made timely, then the sites may be opened for attacks.
  3. The hackers generally will tend to hack sites having the older versions as it is easier to break their security options. So the users are advised not to ignore the ‘upgrade now’ notification. The same way the theme and plug-in up-gradations are recommended to be allowed.
  4. Among the 10 ways to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers, password strengthening is another important thing. Most of the sites that are hacked are because of the weak passwords. The WordPress administrator should have stronger passwords.
  5. The other important measure to be taken is to make sure the hacker doesn’t get to the username through the author archive page. The WordPress administrator displays the username. The username is displayed in the URL. So, once the username is changed, the entire process should be hidden from the database.
  6. From a single IP address, there should not be multiple Login failures as well. So one should use the ‘Limit Login Attempts’ option. In that case, after several login failures, the IP will be locked. In that case, it will not be open for the hacking threat.
  7. The user should also disable the vile editing through the dashboard. Otherwise, the hacker, while hacking, may gain the control over the files and may modify them.
  8. The users are also suggested to avoid the use of the free themes option. There are encoders that give way for the hackers to insert spam links into the sites, that eventually corrupts the entire website. So the free theme usage is better to be avoided.
  9. The experts researching in the hacking always suggest keeping all the backups of the website. This should be done on the regular basis. So once the hackers hack the websites and corrupt the files and everything, these backups help to keep the website information and data intact.
  10. Finally, there is a lot of plug-ins that can be used for strengthening the sites. There are many popular plug-ins that can be used for this process. All these measures should be taken to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers.

The process to secure your WordPress site using WordPress File Monitor is not an easy and proper process is required for going through the whole process. The process of securing is an idea for making the proper search engine optimization process. The process is extremely useful for the corporate sectors. As the whole offline business market has become extremely saturated and the competition has reached the optimal level, many of the companies are going to the online market.

The online market is a large field and the companies can expand to a great extent in this market. The B2B level of marketing has become quite obsolete as the online marketing has made the companies directly get in touch with the customers. The services provide online are also very attractive and alluring. The companies have used many innovative measures to make their products more and more acceptable to the customers.

The customers can also clear all the necessary queries with the companies by the help of the blogs and the posts and go for the best one. However, as the online market is also being filled with a lot of companies the competition has arisen there; it has become very problematic for the companies to have better ranking in the browsers. To get the better place in the browsers, better optimization of the sites is needed. For that many applications and plugins are being introduced in the browsers.

For going through the process to secure your WordPress site using WordPress File Monitor there are different service providers who can do the task for the controllers of the websites. Firstly the two separate installations of the WordPress should properly be done. Then the services remove the base64 code by removing its string. For that, the experts generally go through the PHP files enlisted on the right-hand side. The process is slow and takes a good amount of time. The experts make a perfect correction of the virus affected files and make them as new as before.

This is a very important part to secure your WordPress site using WordPress File Monitor. There are a number of other services as well taken by these service providers for which the companies trust them to a huge extent. Indexing file such as index.php is another of these security services. The services mainly index the files and that they do from anywhere of your script. They should contain javascript code with the script tag. For that, there are different plugins available in the market that the service experts mainly use.

However, while downloading these plugins one has to be a little cautious. To secure your WordPress site using WordPress File Monitor it is very much necessary that the user uses the proper and not cheap plugins to go through the process as the wrong plugins may result in bad servicing. Some non-certified plugins may also cause private data to be stolen. Securing the WordPress is the task that cannot be done in that case. The WordPress File monitor is the plugin that is the best to be used in this case as the plugin is a one-stop solution secure your WordPress site using WordPress File Monitor.

As it is seen that many WordPress themes and plugins are available so before moving to the topic, first question arises: how to select the trustworthy WordPress themes and plugins?

To select the trustworthy WordPress themes and plugins, following steps will be undertaken:

1.Believe on the directory of WordPress : Wordpress directory contain so many themes and plugins and it is maintain by a team of contributors but this maintenance does not have any worth as they act very quickly on the reports which contain untrustworthy content and the themes and plugins which are abusive are generally removed.

2. Number of downloads and review : Wordpress dictionary contain no. of downloads and review, plugin which has few downloads is not trustworthy but the plugin which has more than 1, 00,000 downloads is consider trustworthy. Reviews also tell which themes and plugins are trustworthy by telling you their rating out of 5. If rating comes 1 or 2 out of 5, then they will consider as untrustworthy but if rating comes 3, 4, or 5 out of 5, then it is vice-versa.

3. See the support area : Every theme and plugin have their own support areas but with that they also contain several issues also. Thus, we have to see that which themes and plugins do not contain issues, so that they can be consider as trustworthy.

4. Updated themes and plugins : As WordPress contain a no. of themes and plugins, so the plugin which is not updated in more than 2 years, should be avoid and select the plugin which is updated as it contain new features and process which developers required to be compatible with the current version.

5.Free themes should not be downloaded : Free themes are available on the web in general but it is harmful to your site as it affect its performance and security ,so it is not trustworthy but the themes which cost are genuine. But it is not same with plugin; there are few plugins which are free and trustworthy also.

6. Developers should be tested :Themes and plugins are developed by the developers but it is necessary to test the developers also because sometimes their theme does not comply with WordPress and thus they are not trustworthy.

7. Take a simple test : A simple test should be done to see if there is anything wrong in the code of the theme, it is suggested to use WordPress themes which contain correct code of the themes and thus themes are consider to be trustworthy but the themes which are having some problem in their coding should not be purchased as it can be harmful to your site.

Now after going through the steps of choosing the trustworthy themes and plugins, next question arises:

What are the trustworthy WordPress themes and plugins available?

First we talk about plugins-Improved text widget, Backup plug-in,SEO Plug-in, Notification plug-in, Secure plug-in, Event plug-in, E-Commerce plug-in, Appointment plug-in, Removing spam, WordPress form plugins, Social media plug-in, Speed improvement plug-in, Interesting business blog plug-in, Brand plug, Advertisement plug-in, Admin bar plug-in, Question answer plug-in, Sidebars plug-in, Improved text widget, Backup plug-in, SEO Plug-in etc.

Now themes: Tint, Mono, Wootique, Leather, Laigus, Ecomicro, Briefcase, Zenshop, Urban city, Ultima, Panoramica, Grid, Bunker, Illustrious, Align etc.

Above given names of few trustworthy themes and plugins, besides them some more are available.

What happens if there is a flaw in the WordPress?

As we all know that all the web hosting providers possess some limitations also due to which it is possible that users have to compromise their data in the form of text, audio, video, images, quotes, links and other types of content and the same thing happens with the WordPress also. Our Researchers are saying that on the basis of their findings they have found that there is a flaw in the WordPress which could put millions of user’s data at the risk of leakage and could affect thousands of websites and blogs.

WordPress data leakage risk flagged by security researcher-a company known as White hat

There is a security firm known as White hat which prepared a report on WordPress after going through it and with the proper analysis and according to that , the blogging platform ,we can say WordPress will not completely protect multimedia files i.e. audio, video, links, quotes and other content which are uploaded to sites in the same manner as it safeguards text, which could potentially leave a listed company to face the risk of insider trading or a design firm to copyright theft. This will allow the hackers or attackers to easily guess which files and attachments are available for postings that have not been approved yet or gone live .

For example, let's say you are running a private traded company and you are planning to release your earnings report on your blog and for this you may upload a PDF file of the earnings report in a day or multiple days i.e. in weeks or in months in advance to make sure you’re your preparations are on full hand and as per your plans everything is ready and perfect and ready to go as soon as you announce.”

This is possible that an attacker could download the URL of the PDF of the earnings report in advance if he will be able to guess the (uniform resource locator) URL of the PDF of the earnings report and with this earning report, attacker can do the trade of it also.

Despite above all of this, he claimed that there are fewer chances of flaw occurring in WordPress its severity is low, and apart from data leakage, it will not be used to increase attacks such as code injection or cross-site scripting.

It has been seen at the beginning of this year, that hackers were using brute force against thousands of WordPress sites’ administration accounts so that they can compromise or affect sites and spread malicious material, as reported by IT PRO’s.


WordPress Hosting Security

It comes as no surprise that the WordPress hosting has dominated the interweb space for since its launch. The WP package offers speed, security, capability and surely delivers hands on what is promised with no false underlying statements. The services when hired do not come cheap for a WordPress portal but then you need to pay the best to get the best and the easy maintenance that comes as a guarantee.

When it comes to breaching in web portals, an in-depth look at the security offered by the Web hosting company’s is a pre-requisite requirement. There have been doubts raised on the security of the WordPress web portals. WordPress has been considered as one of the most secure platforms that one can choose for his site, and the platform of WordPress offers protected plug-ins which has been its leverage against the Windows and Linux platform. The security offered by the WordPress even though questioned came out clean through offering strong set of passwords and the site running on the latest version of the WordPress platform security is kept intact with the vigilant WordPress security staff. If you still are skeptical towards the kind of security WordPress offers CMS platform which is one of the most secure networks on the Internet. In the year 2009, the WordPress company took some hard knocks in the Web publishing as some of its security vectors were exploited, that was years ago but as soon as the company heard of the breach, the core team added up the patches soon enough and the WordPress codebase began to look like the Fort Knox.

WordPress offers new security patch every few weeks which can fight against the latest software attacks and viruses. Since Updating WordPress is easy enough the updates every few weeks does not become overbearing. WP takes the site security so seriously that the company has even put its own money on stake. What more can a person can ask and it that does not satisfy your yearning than the portals hosted on WordPress comes with free of cost cleaning of viruses and that no doubt give a lot of customers peace of mind.

Daily back-ups and one click go back to the secure time restoration offers are the couple of brownie points that comes with the guarantee that even going back in time can fix your current problems. The third-party plug-ins are installed on your site by the back-end support system of WP and the also accentuates the protection system.

Another feature that the WordPress system boasts of is staging area where when you need to update a plugin or change the theme or the look of your site, the system tests it beforehand in the staging area before uploading that on the internet ensuring that the breakage is not done to your live site if a plug-in is not working one and the problem can be rectified.

WordPress takes care of the information on the average number who visits your site and bandwidth use as well as the host’s system status, links to the WP Engine blog and the company’s latest tweets. The account is simple with settings like domain, CDN, redirect rules, backup points, error logs and phpMyAdmin and the portal becomes easy to use even for a non-technical person because the settings are very basic and the company takes care of the technicalities.

When it comes to speed, WordPress Engine’s uptime and response times were almost faultless. The site is up 99.99% of the time, with downtime of just 8 minutes. The web hosting package comes with integrated features like SEOMoz API, complete with automatic links, sitemaps and SEO optimization in the WordPress setup and nothing else compares or matches well with the hefty feature line up, WordPress package definitely proves to be the safest and the steadfast tortoise in the industry.