GoDaddy Launches Community Based App ‘Flare' in India to Help Jumpstart Ideas and Inspire Entrepreneurs.

Flare Features:

  • A simple, easy-to-use, elegant interface reminiscent of popular social media feeds
  • Top Charts make it easier for entrepreneurs to gain supporters for their ideas. Top Charts showcases the top 20 most popular ideas within the Flare community on a given day, giving users who may have missed the idea in its validation stage, an opportunity to follow the idea and provide feedback.
  • Ideas Development Journey: Tap on an idea to learn more. Love an idea to follow its progress and shape its direction. People in a community become advisors and share knowledge in a given field and discipline.
  • Entrepreneurs and followers can post comments, questions, and updates to promote more engagement and interaction
  • Spread ideas by easily sharing them via social media
  • Explore ideas that are nearby: Users see new business ideas from the community and can swipe left to “skip,” swipe right to “snooze” or tap to learn more and “love” an idea.
  • Quickly poll your followers for directional feedback regarding pricing, desirability, feasibility, among other things
  • See all of your followers, across all thoughts, and their expertise
  • Followers can also pledge to be a future customer, providing a valuable signal to the entrepreneur about demand and marketability of his or her new product or service.
  • Flare has been featured and is available for free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play in India.