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SiteGeek Elements

SiteGeek ElementsSiteGeek is developing as a product, method or a service, which enables survival and prosperity of goodwill of Hosting companies in public climate. Elements of a website are inter-related and overlapped, as one leads to another. Elements on which is emphasized are as under:

  1. Two-Way Communication – Ina service industry like Hosting, feedback is very important. For those sitegeek emphases on 2-way communication. Inadequate communication leads to spring of many misunderstandings. The website offers modules, which allows visitors to provide feedback in the form of comments, Q/A, reviews, and ratings. Also, it informs visitors about company information, displays various reports like uptime, downtime and social sentiments. Thus, it establishes a two-way flow of information. It resolved the issues, which tends to be barriers in the communication process. There is a regular flow of information to visitors of a website.
  2. Assesses Mutual Interest – Hosting Company promotes and directs its efforts to the visitors. SiteGeek analyses policies, hosting plans and latest information provided to improve the image of companies. The website informs the visitors with reports produced after research work and achievements or latest information about hosting companies. Thus, site geek involves both inward and outward communication activity.

There is always a question about interest conflict of two groups, one which is private of companies and another one is public of hosting community. Companies tend to interpret their services in public interest in terms of self-interest. Those which are able to satisfy this interest have a enduring success. Companies try to gain the visitors favor through informed opinion.  SiteGeek assesses the opinion and attitudes of visitors and rates them accordingly on a website.

  • Visitor’s opinion is everything. Also said by ‘Abraham Lincoln’, “Public opinion is everything, with public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed”. Rating of hosting companies on SiteGeek is a consensus of visitor’s opinion and their attitude. A website has ungrudging and unwavering faith in the wisdom of visitor’s opinion. It has a continuous process to improve the existing channel of communication. All the necessary information is informed to the visitor’s with proper care, so that visitor’s attitude or opinion remains unbiased. SiteGeek servers both private and public interest and are responsible towards hosting community.
  • com responsibility towards Hosting Community – All the work was done at SiteGeek is to serve the interest of visitors and to get their approval and acceptance. It has attuned itself to the needs of the hosting community.