: Company Overview is a webhosting company always giving best hosting on the internet. This webhosting company is different from other webhosting company. This company doesn’t advertise unrealistic. They don’t jams thousands of website on one server. This company goal is to help people to grow and succeed with their business. Manicanet only use your personal information for original purpose. This is the responsibility of the company that they donot disclose sell or give personal information to the third party. The company always makes hosting as easy as possible for their customer. The company has full right to change their privacy policy from time to time. The company provides correcting and updating customer’s personal information for many of their services. They may change or modify any of the personal information at any time, by access features like editing the account.

Reliability and Performance/ Uptime

Manicanet endeavors to provide the most reliable network infrastructure to its customer. They were guarantee that their network is available 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluding schedule maintenance. The team is always reliable for their client.

Plan and Pricing

It offers different types of plan like domain name, web hosting, VPS, It’s always gives a better plan so that customer can easily use DNS and control Panel. It always manages virtual private services. They always get free DNS hosting for every domain. They always send a free text messages to their customer to remind about their existing domain, sometimes they send direct twitter messages to remind about the expiring domain. They can host two email accounts with up to 200 MB each.

Key Features

The features were excellent but they were taking additional fee for some of their special features but they don’t charge their clients for hosting while they are still building their website.


The company always supports their client 24/7 and customer always gets in touch with company’s well experienced support team. The company always works hard to keep their server secure in order to protect their company image.


Without any penalty, Manicanet may interrupt the services at any time for any duration of time. They answer all questions as quickly as possible. Any time clients are free to move their website away from the company. Due to some reason if customer not receives any notification then in that case they may opt out of receiving this communication by changing their email notification setting in your account setting.


For any damages in connection neither Manicanet nor any of its members, officers, directors, employee or representative will be responsible for that.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The form must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the request cancellation date. There are no partial refunds or credit for cancellations after services have been provided. The company will refund payments for unused months of web hosting services. Payment for domain names are final and non-refundable.


It’s always gives best and different webhosting. They wants that people succeed with their business.