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Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195)

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Linux widely used Open Source Operating System which includes: RedHat, Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu
Automated secure and patch services available like ‘ksplice' or ‘kernelcare.'

Why patch and update Operating System?
Patch and update close loopholes. Otherwise, the system exposed to exploitation due to vulnerabilities.

Linux Vulnerabilities
Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195), discovered in virtually all Linux Operating system versions. A High priority privilege-escalation vulnerability exists in a section of Linux Kernel, which allows any installed malicious app to gain administrative (root-level) access to a device and completely hijack it. Linux copy-on-write (COW) mechanism broke, and malicious program tamper real-only, root-owned executable files and setup executables. An unprivileged local user gain writes access to otherwise read-only memory mappings and thus increase their privileges on the system.
The Dirty COW vulnerability is about nine years old vulnerability, present in the Linux Kernel since 2007, but recently being exposed.
Androids powered by Linux Kernel believed to be vulnerable to it.

Updated and patched server fixes susceptible ‘Dirty Cow' bug and the environment gets protected.

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