The complete guide to logo creation

Using a website may be easy but designing a website is no child’s play; the process is quite demanding as the individual is required to have a lot of creativity and expertise in this field. The web design industry has expanded a lot since a lot of business houses are now using websites to connect with their customers and to increase the visibility of their company. Now as a business owner you can try to design the website by yourself but as mentioned earlier; you should only try it out if you know what to do. To get the best possible results you should hire the services of a web design services provider.

The design of a website is dependent on the way it will be used so there is never a general design that can be followed. However it is very important that you should select a competent design agency that has the capability of interpreting all your ideas into a good design. You must remember a well designed website will represent your company in the cyber world.

Every single page in your website has to fully functional and must follow the aesthetics. The websites has to be user friendly so that the customers can navigate with ease. The content has to be placed in proper order so that the users do not have trouble comprehending the content on your website. Placing a good corporate logo within the design of your website will also help. The logo will act as a symbol that will remind people of your company. Now before you go out and hire the services of a web page design company you should try to locate the name of certain companies over the internet. Not all companies provide good services so you have to consider certain factors before you select a particular company.

  • The company should have substantial amount of experience in Logo creation and web designing.
  • A strong reputation in the market is a must
  • An impressive client base always works well
  • Prompt response to a client’s demand is appreciated
  • Samples of the last project
  • A good track record
  • Good services for maintenance of the website
  • Provide services that is well worth the money spent by the client

So when you are selecting a company to work with then you must keep in mind the budget. You should also try to meet a representative from the company to explain what you want in terms of design. if you are lucky then you may come across a company that has its very own patented software. This software allows the client to decide the design of the framework of the website. Most designing agencies also offer SEO services to market your website to the masses. This can prove to be an advantage for you and your company. Before you sign up with a company you must read all the documents properly to make sure that you are not paying any hidden or extra charges.

As a Reseller, you would like to have your own corporate identity which could be reflected by the Logo images.
To go to the logo images page:

Settings menu > Look And Feel > Corporate Logo

Control Panel Agent : enter the name you want to see as page title of the Control Panel interface instead of H-SPHERE.

Show Copyright : toggle the button to show/hide the copyright notice in the top left corner of the window above the logo both in admin and user control panels.

Banner HTML Code : enter the HTML code for the banner you want to show up both in admin and your users control panels. It must be an image or logo.

Logo Image URL : enter the URL address of the image to show up in the top left corner of the window.

Signup Image URL : enter the URL address of the image to show up in the left top corner of the windows for plan signup forms.

Login Image URL : enter the URL address of the image to show up on the logging page on the right.