We live in a world where we have consequences for every action of ours, with the growing population the issue of security grows too, because if we do not take care and look out for our people, who will? Even during the elections, there are times when the public goes out of control, and the police pupils are not enough, there comes the part of technology, with the help of computer systems and camera surveillance we can easily keep an eye on the masses.

Camera installation within the city, main roads, malls, significant buildings, railways have proved to be of crucial help. It has not only reduced the need for guarding men but also saved the time and energy of many.

Security management with the help of technology is as necessary as having food, it is required for safeguarding one’s personal information as well as business information which could be misused otherwise.

We often hear cases of bank robbery being solved with the help of cameras that provide raw and intact information. The system works on three fundamental aspects first being Confidentiality as the word suggests that those that have access are the only people that can go through the information. Secondly, Integrity; assuring the fact that information is not molded or deleted by unauthorized users or systems. Lastly, Availability certifying that systems and information are available to those that require access at all times.

The Security Management industry continues to evolve in a rapidly changing contemporary world that requires a constant reevaluation of systems and vulnerabilities resulting from new and emerging technology around the globe.
Security has many branches, and cybersecurity is one amongst many, cybersecurity protects the data online, have you ever thought about what is peace without privacy?

It is chaos. Everybody has a side they want to keep in the shadows, hidden, aloof. With the appropriate use of technology, we can survive the hardships of the time, but what we cannot bear is our privacy being compromised. Security is an integral part of our lives, and we cannot live in fear of getting defamed for our conduct from the pages of the past.

Malicious Android apps avoid Google's security vetting

Cyberattackers are using a variety of tactics to stop Google spotting suspicious app behavior even the Google maintains a strict cybersecurity posture to the functionality and practice of apps submitted by developers for hosting on the official Google Play Store. The security company Bitdefender recommends the users to go through user comments and app ratings. It considers them as a reliable indicator of deceiving or malicious behavior. If the app's behavior is not as expected, such as delivering unexpected ads, high-level permission requests without purpose, or power drain, it is safe to remove that app and perform a malware scan.
It's expected from developers to upload clean install of an app, provide updates with changing configuration and functionality. Also, control processes which includes ‘ShowAds activity' or the ‘ShowAds HideIcon' function when using Open Source utility libraries.