Communication through message has become a great predominance for enterprise level companies to independent app developers. Interactions were limited to consumers-per-person communication, phone calls, and mails. Now multiple social networks, emails, SMS, live chat, mobile push notifications, and more over-shading the enterprise's communication. In trending, explosion of messaging is great paradigm shift. Long decade ago, internet was the only catalog for search-able content. With messaging, people are communicating directly to each other, sharing content and messages. Before venturing into messaging economy, better to enlarge your knowledge.

1. Time pivotal part of messaging economy

Lack of time is the biggest challenge in society which germinates message economy faster. By this people are able to share text-based information rapidly. There is no deadline and boundation to share information. Sharing message is personal, one-to-one, one-to-many and small group communication. It is vital part of enterprise with a faster exchange of needs, services and ideas. We can express message economy as un-shareable private form of web. It is a simple way to provide consumer make most out of their time.

2) Its an early market opportunity

The message market can be flooded and relatively mature. There will be lots of opportunity to make it more innovative, add value and integrate new navigation.

Even though there are many players in the field, there are still opportunities to innovate. At some point, very difficult to isolate message that what is personal, what's for business related, what's for advertisement. Every time we have to read and send it to draft or spam or deleted. In future people may be involving message platform for previous message, for share able things.

3) Convergence is next great challenge

In past year, for ordering food from local restaurant, customer would have required visits to multiple websites. Now with message economy it seems to be easier more than before. Modernize messaging interconnects across communication devices. Example of restaurant , SMS works together with push notification, payment transactions and more to deliver a single experience. Convergence engages more customers. Enterprise will made message services transparent for users. Telecom's hybrid message service will enable companies to integrate an innumerable array of communication method into single platform.

4. Messaging economy is a paradigm shift for developer and providers

For mobile user, messaging provides an effective platform which comprises connection and convenience. Message economy brings people together. People can exchange information through message. There is no limit of time. Everyone brings information and send information to suit their environment.